The Aug. 12 column by Richard E. Squires, "Aviation, Atlantic County and I all grew up together," was a plus for The Press.

My family moved to Absecon in 1930 when I was 4 months old. When the Navy came here in 1942, my mother, Marion Millar, started a day care center for the Navy wives. She also took care of the babies so the Navy wives could go visit their husbands when they came into port, sometimes in Baltimore or at other bases. My sister, Madge Millar Mohn, and I got to babysit at the Navy base while families went to church at the chapel. They sent a Navy car to pick us up.

When the neighbors complained about the noise from the planes, my mother said how much the businesses and local people benefited by the money spent by the Navy personnel. Many people rented their homes to the Navy officers and families.