Regarding the Sept. 2 story, "The new Stockton/Growth shows in bigger budget, enrollment, new buildings":

I have been fortunate to be a clinical psychologist in Atlantic County for 31 years. My colleagues around the country did not understand why I moved to a "casino town" that lacked a "top notch university." However, I admire how Richard Stockton College of New Jersey has blossomed into a great educational institution.

Distance learning on the computer has many advantages, but repeated, live interaction facilitates optimal education. The expansion of Stockton courses to Atlantic City, Hammonton and Cape May County enables students without cars, money for gas or the time to travel to get a live learning experience.

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Stockton students are now more intelligent, curious and mature, enabling me to feel comfortable providing internships and employment to them.

As a member of the board of the Lloyd Levenson Institute for Gaming, Hospitality, and Tourism, I have seen Stockton progressively move its hospitality department into the country's top tier.

Stockton's foresight in purchasing the Seaview Resort has enabled students to earn credits while obtaining superb training in a renowned resort. Cornell University students now can earn credits at Stockton by training at Seaview and/or working in casinos, the fastest growing sector of the hospitality business.

Stockton College is a symbol of fiscal prudence, ingenuity and community integration that elevates the intellect, diversity and reputation of Atlantic County.



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