The Supreme Court has dealt a crushing blow to clean elections. The McCutcheon decision is not only a major setback for open government, but it is undoing decades of campaign-finance law.

By removing overall limits on campaign contributions, it will allow elections to go to the highest bidder. Campaigns are already awash with too much special-interest money. Now we have given these special interests a blank check with an unlimited balance. This makes the Citizens United decision even worse.

This decision gives a bullhorn to corporations and the wealthy, but puts a gag on the average citizen. This dirty money from special interests undermines our government and our election process. We can never have clean air and clean water without clean government. The only thing green in Congress or the state Legislature is the money from corporate polluters. This decision will allow more dirty money for dirty deals that will hurt the environment and the people of this country.

Now, the more money you have, the more freedom you have. This is no longer a country by the people for the people. It is now by the corporations for the corporations.



New Jersey Sierra Club


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