Regarding recent letters about my tax assessment, such as the Sept. 15 letter, "Instead of complaining, lower taxes in EHT":

The Press interviewed me and asked why I was selling my home. My response was that it does not make a lot of sense to have a six-bedroom home on the bay when my four sons and eight grandchildren have moved away. It is just my wife and I, so why pay $31,500 in taxes when you don't need a large house any longer?

When the re-evaluation was completed, I knew the value of my house was going up. The re-evaluation was mandated by the Atlantic County Board of Taxation because the township's true value fell below 55 percent.

As far as the taxes, only 17 percent of the total tax bill is the Township Committee's responsibility. The high cost of running a government also affects us individually. The Egg Harbor Township municipal tax rate is less than 50 cents, one of the lowest in Atlantic County. The remainder of the local property tax bill is school and county taxes, which I do not and cannot control.

As to my complaining, I have complained for years that the property tax is the most unfair tax of all, since it is not based on the ability to pay, just on the value of your home.



Egg Harbor Township

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