Senate Sandy bill

full of pork spending

Regarding the Jan. 3 editorial, "Federal aid for Sandy/Injury and insult":

While writing about those horrible Republicans in Congress who didn't vote for aid for Sandy victims, you conveniently left out the fact that the Democrats in the Senate sent over a bill with millions of dollars of pork in it. House members were not given sufficient time to read it.

Now I realize that some would rather our Congress members approve everything without reading it, but does anyone remember Obamacare? Then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, "But we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it"? We are finding out more each day about what is in it, and it isn't good.

When are our leaders going to realize all that pork money has to be borrowed from China? They just never quit. It is obvious that President Barack Obama has no intention to stop spending. He also is doing his best to annihilate the Republican Party. That way he has free run of the government and can go on with his socialistic plans for this country.

God Bless our country and God help us.



Do-nothing Congress

reaches a new low

The American people deserve better than the do-nothing representation in Washington.

Once again we faced a fiscal disaster that was unnecessary. They should have locked themselves in their chambers until they had a proper solution. Now everyone, including those who can afford it the least, is going to pay more just so the politicians can continue to write checks with money they do not have.

They think we do not understand how ineffective they are. They have watched over the pillaging of the working man's future as pensions were replaced with 401(k). Then they allowed the banking industry to risk our savings in the mortgage crisis that caused the recession and reduced our savings to almost nothing - while we had to bail out the banks.

How many CEOs of banks were prosecuted for the mess they put us in? None. Because they had the banking industry deregulated to the point where they could not be.

Now the greatest insult is that they put off a vote on monies to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Well, to paraphrase a well-known saying, "It's been a good week in Washington but not in America." The politicians got to have their holidays, put all our financial futures in danger, and then they turned their backs on those that needed help two months ago.

Maybe it is time to amend the Constitution. Either our representatives do the country's work or they get out of Washington. Either they balance the budget or they get out. And they should not have any benefit that the American public does not have.

It is time that we take back our country, our government and return our society to prominence. Call and write every senator and Congress member and let them know they will be fired in the next election.



Christie's tough talk

just earned my vote

Regarding Gov. Chris Christie's criticism of Republican House leadership over the decision to delay a vote on aid for the victims of Sandy:

What a cool governor. This guy has some huevos.

I was never keen on Gov. Jon Corzine because of his ties to Goldman Sachs, and I was a little worried that Christie looked like another union buster, but his statements on Congress just blew me away. His nonpartisan commitment to the people of New Jersey just got him my vote for his re-election.




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