The Skate Zone is great, just as it is

Kerry Burns says the Flyers Skate Zone in Atlantic City is a winning facility the city can’t afford to lose.

Regarding the Feb. 27 story, "CRDA hears push for Atlantic City roller rink":

Please don't touch our Skate Zone. I beg to differ on the Flyers Skate Zone being underutilized. My son plays ice hockey there as part of the Atlantic City Sharks. There is an extensive ice hockey and skating program at the Skate Zone. I know of people who drive all the way from Wildwood because there is no other ice around here.

The kids are passionate about their sport. The next nearest rink is in Voorhees. Art Dorrington sponsors an ice hockey program for inner-city kids. There are multiple middle schools that have ice hockey programs that play there. Mainland Regional High School's ice hockey program plays there, as does Richard Stockton College's. Then there are all the teams that make up the Atlantic City Sharks program. They travel all over New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York, with Atlantic City plastered on their jerseys. What a great thing they do for the image of our city.

To think that a roller rink would draw more people than the ice rink does is silly. Build the roller rink somewhere else. Don't take our ice rink. Come visit the Skate Zone and see how the schedule is packed at times with practice, games and tournaments. Public skating normally brings in hundreds of kids on a Friday or Saturday night, giving them something safe and fun to do.

Every kid who plays hockey there is passionate about it and their Flyers. It brings the ice hockey world to South Jersey. We actually could use another rink, as most other facilities have more than one rink. That would open it up to more tournaments and activities.

We love the Skate Zone. Take your roller rink elsewhere.



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