Regarding the Feb. 25 story, "Atlantic City addiction services may move," about the relocation of the John Brooks Recovery Center methadone program to Pleasantville from the Atlantic City Tourism District:

I was very disappointed to read this article considering that approximately two years ago we - despite the dismay of many - agreed to a location in Pleasantville for the treatment center. Now the Atlantic City mayor and county executive are saying that the program should move to the Pleasantville Shopping Center, which they say is perfect because the shopping center is zoned medical/

commercial and is near public transportation.

If I'm not mistaken, so is Central Square in Linwood.

Would Dennis Levinson agree for the center to relocate there, in his city, if a building were available?

I think not, and we think no less of our city.

The Pleasantville Shopping Center is our business district that we are trying to revitalize. We need a supermarket and quality stores in the shopping center.

I think the John Brooks Recovery Center is a great program and am thankful that it's around for anyone who needs it.

However, I do not by any means agree to it being in our shopping center.


City Councilwoman