Regarding the April 29 letter, "Programs needed to recruit physicians":

I think perhaps it is time to change where and how doctors are educated. We have the Naval Academy to train naval officers, the U.S. Military Academy to train to Army officers, the Air Force Academy to train Air Force officers.

An academy for those wishing to become physicians could follow the same admission procedure as these academies. And, just like the graduates of the military academies, these doctors could serve where needed upon graduation.

We also need a medical association to provide trained personnel to run doctors' offices and deal with the paperwork, insurance forms, files, appointments, etc. All that takes so much time today, allowing doctors less time for diagnosing, taking histories and getting to know their patients. All fees for lab tests, doctors, etc. would be regulated.

This is a mere sketch of what could be for those who want to become doctors but lack the funds to do so. Starting a practice would not mean a heavy debt hanging over their heads. Is this socialized medicine? No, it's simply giving the patient the best of care at a cost most likely equal to the other academies.