A recent advertisement in Time magazine prepared by the Ad Council on behalf of Feeding America reported that one in six Americans struggles with hunger. Reports from area food banks, including in Ocean City, where I work, report that the need is great.

Perhaps the multimillionaires and billionaires who are supporting the political action committee commercials that are saturating television could order that this money be used to help the hungry, many of whom are children. With the two national conventions and the presidential debates coming up - and all of the media coverage the presidential candidates are receiving - there is no need for ad sound bites that stretch the truth and trash the candidates.

I would urge both parties to cancel their future advertising programs and send the money to local food banks. For information on how to do this, they can contact Feeding America.org. It would be a great humanitarian gesture and help a lot of struggling families to make ends meet.

Too often during campaigns, the poor are neglected as people pay attention to "more pressing" issues. I was a child during the Great Depression. Luckily our family was OK. My mother had a job and my father worked for the Works Progress Administration, the great employment program established by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Those who were working helped those in the neighborhood who needed food. We didn't have millions stashed away in foreign banks, but we were holding or own and saw the need to help others. Perhaps today's multimillionaires and billionaires can relate to children going hungry at night. I hope so.




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