Regarding the July 25 letter, "Where's my grant to fix my house?":

The writer, who objects to grant money offered to victims of Hurricane Sandy, does not realize he is one of the fortunate ones who has not suffered devastating losses due to the wrath of Mother Nature.

Under the grant program, the governing bodies are more or less mandating that homeowners raise their houses or face serious consequences, such as the outlandish insurance premiums. Most of the homeowners had nothing to do with initial approvals to build in the damaged areas. This took place a long time ago - before global warming and the onset of the ferocious northeast storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, mudslides, firestorms, etc. we have had recently.

Most of the homes in the Mystic Islands section of Little Egg Harbor Township were built for blue collar workers looking for a little piece of the American dream - a second home in the shore area. Eventually these people retired to their dream homes. Most of these homeowners are senior citizens on fixed incomes surviving on Social Security and perhaps a modest pension.

There are very few people financially prepared for retirement these days, let alone the impact of such a devastating storm as Sandy. Unfortunately, these misplaced and displaced people are at the mercy of family, friends or perhaps the park bench, desperately wanting what they had before the storm.

The writer should visit the Mystic Islands waterfront. He'll see boarded-up houses. Perhaps after his tour he may want to offer a room or space in his home to the widows or widowers who have no one to turn to for a roof over their heads.


Little Egg Harbor Township

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