Stop exporting

U.S. fuel products

For the past 50 years or more, we have been at the mercy of foreign energy cartels to keep our industry and private lives running. We have paid dearly for this in the lives of our soldiers and the inflated costs for energy imports from these cartels. After the Arab oil embargo of the 1970s, we suspended the export of crude oil from this country.

Now that we are becoming more energy-independent with the discoveries of large deposits of natural gas and crude oil in this country, it has been suggested we export this energy to foreign buyers. The oil industry now exports refined products to the highest foreign bidders under the guise of the exports not being crude oil.

These exports keep the price of energy in this country high and lead to the export of domestic jobs.

I suggest Congress pass laws to prohibit all exports of all domestic fuel products. This will reduce the cost of our energy and create more jobs. Importing foreign fuels has driven our high deficits. Exporting domestic fuel that we will need in the future only benefits the rich oil companies at the expense of all Americans.


Little Egg Harbor Township

Roosevelt saw danger

of concentrated wealth

"The absence of effective state, and, especially, national restraint upon unfair money-getting has tended to create a small class of enormously wealthy and economically powerful men, whose chief objective is to hold and increase their power."

This quote is not from President Barack Obama, as some might assume. It was asserted by one of our great presidents sculpted on Mt. Rushmore, a Republican no less - Teddy Roosevelt, not exactly a poor man.

He had it right and did something about it. He called for a gradual increase in the inheritance tax on big fortunes, with rates increasing rapidly with the size of the estate.

No doubt we are currently in a similar situation, where those squatting atop our economic ladder own a huge amount of our nation's wealth. Millions clinging to the bottom rungs, alas, are barely scraping by.

Roosevelt, if he occupied today's White House, would attempt to alter tax policy to reduce the inequality, much of which is created by inherited wealth. But that mentality is gone among today's Republicans.

The "party of the rich" in fact yearns to further reduce taxes on the wealthy while cutting middle-class programs such as Medicare and Social Security, slashing food-stamp allotments, cutting Medicaid, and reducing every program designed to help the poorest of the poor.

If Teddy were alive today, I have no doubt he would be a Democrat.


Galloway Township

Government spending

is the real crime

Regarding the April 4 story, "Pizza-chain owners face tax charges":

The real crime is not tax evasion. The real crime is a bloated government that takes your hard-earned money in taxes and wastes it.


Egg Harbor Township

B.L. England better

as coal-burning plant

As a retired Federal Aviation Administration research chemist involved with toxic-gas analysis, I believe environmentalists should support continued operation of the B.L. England Generating Station as a coal-burning plant.

The plant has excellent scrubbers. I live five miles from it and have never noticed any foul emissions or had any complaints about air quality. The predominant wind carries most emissions offshore, where the pollution is a drop in a bucket. Furthermore, our inshore waters are already very acidic, and our environment easily tolerates acidity, unlike to areas to our west. Pollution from coal-burning plants in Ohio condenses in the mountains of Pennsylvania and New York, where rainfall should be pH neutral.

The plant has huge condensers, so it is not cooled with sea water. It has a closed loop. The gas turbine won't use this system. Its exhaust will go directly into the air. We would be wasting a very valuable and expense piece of equipment, leaving it to rot.

A larger area of the Pinelands is likely to be affected by a gas pipeline than we have been led to believe. A pipeline could easily be a terrorist target, so it won't be unobtrusively buried shallowly along Route 49. It may have to be fenced off, pushing it further off the road and into the woods. You won't know how bad the plan is until it is approved and engineers get involved.

Coal provides more and better jobs than the one-shot gimmick provided by pipeline construction. And coal won't leak or explode.

The worst environmental problem in New Jersey is not air pollution, but thermal pollution. The Oyster Creek nuclear power plant does not have a condenser. It pumps waste heat into Barnegat Bay, sucking in and killing microscopic sea life. Barnegat Bay was a fishing, crabbing and clamming heaven in the 1950s. The bay is now nearly dead. Meanwhile, the DEP worries about nitrates in storm water.

Close Oyster Creek now. Build the pipeline along Route 9 in Lacey Township, and put the new gas turbine there. Use the pipeline to support commercial development, rather than serving just one customer. Bring back Barnegat Bay and leave the Pinelands alone.



Seaview Harbor folks

chose expensive homes

I can understand why the residents of Seaview Harbor in Egg Harbor Township are upset. Their taxes went way up, just as everyone else's did.

But did anyone hold a gun to those homeowners and tell them where they had to live? It was their choice to build luxury homes. Luxury has its price.

These residents knew their homes were part of Egg Harbor Township. Now that everyone's taxes have gone up, they want to be part of Longport? Can my part of the township become part of Corbin City?

Residents in the 32 homes of Seaview Harbor say they send only nine children to township schools. Do they think every homeowner in the township has kids? Many do not, but we all pay school taxes.


Egg Harbor Township

No evidence tying

Christie to Bridgegate

Regarding the investigations into lane closings on the George Washington Bridge:

People can say or believe anything they want, but I have not seen anything directly linking Gov. Chris Christie to Bridgegate.

Until I do, "Great job, big man."



Parents irresponsible

to sail with children

Regarding the April 9 story, "Family's sailing trip with baby spurs debate":

The gallant efforts of California's Air National Guard, the U.S.Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard to rescue the Kaufman family make me wonder, are we our brother's keepers? If so, at what cost to taxpayers and those doing the keeping?

The Kaufmans had a sick child onboard their sailboat, headed to New Zealand . Was the trip for pleasure or to provide the children, ages 1 and 3, a memorable life experience? In her trip blog, the mother said, "It is a difficult self-imposed isolation that is completely worth it." Worth it to whom? It's doubtful her toddler will even remember these events.

Debate continues on the culpability of the parents in subjecting children to avoidable risks. We must also be concerned about imperiling the lives of rescuers. And dispatching them to assist citizens engaged in unsafe actions also removes them from more worthy missions.

Legally requiring the parents to pay the rescue costs would be a good start to dissuade others from such foolhardy ventures.

Maybe I should consider climbing Mount McKinley with my aging buddies just so we can say we did it at our next college reunion. Dedicated rescuers will surely be there to save us from our own stupidity.


Egg Harbor Township


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