Don't blame seniors

for Little Egg problems

The April 11 story, "Little Egg Harbor Township hoping - finally - for some commercial growth," was a big put-down to the seniors of the township.

The Little Harbor Economic Development Commission claims its efforts to attract the big-box stores needed for commercial ratables failed because companies didn't think they could make money in Little Egg due to the township's large senior citizen population.

The commission claims the township is changing and has attracted a younger demographic because Hurricane Sandy has chased many seniors from their homes. The article said that a new Super Walmart is moving in as a result of these changes. But the Walmart has been planned for five years, long before the storm.

The fact is, most of the adult communities suffered minimal damage, and the commission should know that these are age-restricted homes. If a senior moves out, another senior moves in.

The seniors of Little Egg have contributed to the community for the past 15 years. Don't make them scapegoats for the lack of commercial ratables because the commission couldn't get the job done.


Little Egg Harbor Township

National debt

is not decreasing

We keep hearing the phrase from people, the media and even our president that we "have reduced the national debt." That statement is simply not true.

To "decrease" or "reduce" our debt would be to take it from its current $17.6 trillion down to something like $17.5 trillion. That's not happening anytime soon. What we have been able to do with higher taxes is to reduce the rate of increase in our debt.

Instead of increasing at more than $1 trillion a year, the debt is now increasing at a half-trillion a year. Our national debt next year will be about $18.1 trillion.

If that sounds like the debt is decreasing to you, then you're hearing what you want to hear. There's a lot of that going around lately.



Let's celebrate

all that A.C. offers

Let's not just "Do AC" - let's "Love AC." We are living in a place with a rich history. My grandmother spent her honeymoon in Atlantic City, and my mother tells me tales of the Easter Parade on the Boardwalk. And I just love the entertainment, the shopping and the beaches. What more could anyone ask for?



Speeding drivers

invade right lane

I am a safe driver. This means I drive at the speed limit. I am "allowed" to drive in the righthand lane, which is to be used for moderate drivers. But for the past several years, drivers who speed have decided to use this lane - my lane. I've tried to get out of their way, but these are the zigzag drivers who must be in front of all cars and win the race to be first wherever they want to go.

Maybe I should have a ramp on top of my car so cars can go over me.


Mays Landing

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