Paying for A.C. unfair

The idea that all of the towns in Atlantic County are now called upon to in effect subsidize the incompetence and mischief that has been going on in Atlantic City for decades is disturbing, fundamentally unfair, and an affront to all of the hard working public officials in county and local governments.

They have been working to keep taxes as reasonable as possible with little room for error, while their counterparts in Atlantic City spent, self-indulged and wasted the revenues brought to them by the greatest opportunity in its history, casino gaming.

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John Piatt


Pharmacy comes through

Recently I was in Boston for a specialized heart operation and, because of a blizzard forecast, my discharge was somewhat hurried. My wife and I packed as quickly as we could and grabbed a cab to the train station for a grueling six hour ride back to Philadelphia.

My wife had a fist full of prescriptions that needed to be filled and the pharmacy would be closed by the time we got home. While en route, she called the pharmacy and explained our circumstance; without hesitation the owner said, “Relax, when you get back home, give me a call and I’ll meet you at the pharmacy.”

Sure enough, she met the owner, got all of our scripts filled, and it was after midnight when all was said and done.

This was not a nationwide franchise store, but an independent pharmacy. There’s a lot to be said for these “mom and pop” local businesses. We prefer to call them friends and neighbors.

Ron Hayden


Unhappy with planner

I read with sheer joy the article about Atlantic City Planner Elizabeth Terenik leaving her position for a new one in Middle Township. For more than three years I had done everything short of begging this woman to make a local company comply with city codes. All of my requests fell on deaf ears and now I look at yet another barren, blighted parcel of property next to my home. It is my opinion that the woman was extremely overpaid by this administration (far more than the planner under Mayor Lorenzo Langford) and was way in over her head. Most recently the planning board approved a dirt lot for parking in my neighborhood after her department worked closely with them to get the application approved.

My hope is that Jeffrey Chiesa, who leads the state takeover of the city, will hire someone that cares more about Atlantic City at a much lower pay rate than what the taxpayers have had to absorb.

Mark Padula

Atlantic City

Keep Obamacare benefits

Rep. Tom MacArthur, R-3, wants constituents to believe he’s protecting their interests in the negotiations for Obamacare replacement, but he’s really giving away their health care while making himself look like a hero.

After negotiations on the second round of amendments broke down last month, MacArthur claimed he got commitments for “additional funding for older and low-income Americans and the disabled.” This was in the areas of Medicaid funding and tax credit support for those aged 50 to 64.

For Medicaid funding, earlier in the year he said that he’d discussed the state of Medicaid with Gov. Christie and agreed that any changes would be “devastating.” But that’s exactly what the Republican bill would do — cut Medicaid to unacceptable levels.

Had MacArthur negotiated a deal whereby funding for New Jersey would be untouched, he’d have told us about it. Instead, he just throws numbers around — and they get bigger (like Pinocchio’s nose) with each re-telling — $60 billion on March 24, $65 billion later on the same day, and $75 billion on March 28.

As to tax-credit supports, the Republican plan would allow insurers to charge those aged 50 to 64 more than they charge 20-year-olds, while giving them smaller tax credits. MacArthur won a small concession, but not enough to make up the gap. But he keeps congratulating himself.

It’s time he starts working for his constituents and his state to fix Obamacare and not destroy it.

Kevin Kennedy


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