Girl Scouts' gesture

inspires recipient

One recent evening I heard a knock at my door. There were five little girls, all with big smiles.

One had a dollar bill in her hand. She said it was an extra dollar from the sale of Girl Scout cookies, so they decided to pick an apartment number, and mine was the lucky number.

All I could say was "Thank you." To me, this dollar was more than a buck; it represented something.

In my day, we would listen to seniors talk about their lives. We enjoyed it and had respect for them. Today, all we do is find fault with everything.

It would be nice if every time we looked at a dollar bill, it would make us stop and think. Rather than finding fault, we could start looking at each other as human beings. No more pointing fingers at each other. Instead, shake hands.

I thank you, Girl Scouts of America, for planting good seeds of love, peace and wisdom. Keep planting the good seed.


Maple Shade

Vineland repaving

focuses on wrong roads

I want to commend the excellent repaving project Vineland provided for the residents of Northwood Drive, complete with new sidewalks and curbing.

But I wonder, how does our city select what roads are to be repaved? Why would a street such as Northwood Drive be a priority when its pavement, curbs and sidewalks were better than average and it does not have heavy traffic? Why replace existing sidewalks when we don't have adequate sidewalks for our children who must walk to school?

Vineland has many major roadways that are in serious need of repair. We don't even have an effective pothole-repair program.

Something is extremely disturbing about this. City Council and the mayor must review the process for street repair and report the results to the news media. The current flawed process appears to be influenced by politically connected individuals.



U.S. needs Russia

for rides to space

President Barack Obama and America's astronauts are in real trouble if we continue to disrespect Russian President Vladimir Putin.

How are we going to launch and retrieve our people at the International Space Station?



Under Obama, U.S.

losing money, jobs

Regarding the April 1 letter, "Facts show Obama has improved things"

The writer said loans to the auto industry were paid in full. But in December, the government sold its remaining General Motors stock at a loss of $10.5 billion. (Thank you, taxpayers). The purpose of the loan was not to save the industry, but to save the unions and their benefits. Ford got along fine without a loan.

The present unemployment figure is 6.7 percent. However, this does not include the people who have given up looking for work. If you add these people to the actual figure, it would be much higher.

Benghazi was not Congress' problem. The secretary of state was contacted for additional protection, but she or her subordinates saw no need to supply any assistance.

Barack Obama has been in office more than five years. Don't you think it's time to stop blaming everything on George W. Bush?


Mays Landing

Bring slot machines

to Cape May ferry

The struggling Cape May-Lewes Ferry would be the perfect place to expand slot machine gambling.

On crossings I've done, I've overheard conversations from riders who were either going to a casino or coming from a casino in Delaware, Maryland or Atlantic City. During the crossing, passengers could play the slots. The take could be divided among the three states and the ferry.

The ferry could expect an increase in riders, who would buy more food and drink. The ferry would probably experience an increase in walk-ons just taking the trip to gamble. Slots and the ferry, perfect together.


Mays Landing

Cut welfare programs,

•ot Social Security

We constantly hear about how Social Security is going to run out of money. How come we never hear about welfare or food stamps running out of money? Social Security recipients worked for their money; welfare recipients didn't.

And why are we cutting benefits for our veterans and cutting our military, but we are not cutting welfare, housing and food stamp payments - including making illegal aliens eligible for in-state tuition?



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