Snub of Sebelius

was discrimination

Recently, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden stood in the Rose Garden, gloating over the the 7.1 million people who enrolled in Obamacare. Nowhere to be seen was Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius - an obvious example of gender discrimination.

Sebelius, who has since announced her resignation, was put in charge of implementing the Affordable Care Act by Obama. She has been investigated, interrogated and castigated more than our president and vice president. Yet she couldn't stand with them to reap some benefits for her labor? Obamacare was a mistake and so was this snub of Sebelius.



Why give $500 million

to the nation of Tunisia?

Regarding the April 5 World News brief saying that the United States will provide $500 million to help the North African nation of Tunisia revive its fractured economy:

The United States has problems with its own economy, and we are giving all this money that we don't even have to a country that most likely hates us and all we stand for. Most of this money will no doubt wind up in pockets of Tunisia's politicians.

This $500 million could be used to build a bridge across the Delaware Bay or construct modern sewage systems in all of Cape May and Cumberland counties to replace 19th century cesspools. Remember, the capitol of Tunisia is Tunis, which is less than 100 miles from Benghazi in Libya. We should think more before giving all this money away.



Margate's Blumberg

wastes taxpayer money

Regarding the March 24 letter, "Margate resident deserved honor":

Commissioner Maury Blumberg opposed naming the Margate dog park in memory of recently deceased resident Anne Pancoast. He said that if Pancoast is honored, then many other people should be honored.

Well, I would like to honor Blumberg for how well he can spend taxpayers' money. With a recession going on, he was in favor of spending $2.5 million on city's ballfields. That money should have gone to the Fire Department. Blumberg is also the only commissioner to take the health care benefit. It's a part-time job. If they want health insurance, they should have to pay for it.

So I would like to honor Blumberg by submitting his name to the Hall of Shame. I was a former member of the Margate Concerned Citizens group and proud of it.


Egg Harbor Township

Special-ed plan

unfair to parents

The New Jersey School Boards Association task force has released a report and made numerous recommendations to find ways to reduce the costs of educating special education students.

One proposal is to change the burden of proof when there are disagreements over a child's Individual Education Plan. The task force feels the burden should be shifted from the school districts to the parents. This would be a cost savings for the districts because legal fees and staff time would be reduced.

But it would force the parents to retain attorneys to advocate for what they feel is best for their children. It seems the NJSBA is more concerned with saving money at the expense of the special-education students than providing a fair and equitable education for them. Why didn't the task force recommend a process where the districts and parents come to a mutual agreement so there would not be the need for lawsuits?



Seaview Harbor homes

undervalued for years

Regarding the April 2 story, "Seaview Harbor residents press case to join Longport":

I am absolutely outraged that, as a result of the recent reassessment, Seaview Harbor residents desire to jump jurisdiction from Egg Harbor Township to Longport so they can pay lower taxes. For years, the residents of Seaview Harbor enjoyed vastly undervalued assessments on their waterfront homes. (I have to wonder: If Mayor James "Sonny" McCullough didn't lived in Seaview Harbor, would the reassessment have happened sooner?)

Now that Seaview Harbor residents have to pay taxes based upon the true value of their homes, EHT is no longer worthy. It blows my mind that these homeowners are now unhappy with their million-dollar properties while, conversely, many EHT homeowners saw a dramatic decrease in their homes' values - a market-value loss that will never be recouped in today's real estate market.

Under no circumstances should this small, self-serving group of residents be permitted to leave EHT. It is profoundly unfair for a select group of taxpayers to try to be excluded from the revaluation.


Egg Harbor Township