New sewerage plans

don't alter Pinelands rules

Regarding the Aug. 20 letter, "Sewer expansion will cost Mullica," about the Atlantic County Wastewater Management Plan and its potential impact on Pinelands villages:

Environmental groups expressed similar concerns in an Aug. 19 article, "Groups say change could increase Pinelands development." The confusion stems from an agreement that was developed to ensure that actions being taken by the state Department of Environmental Protection do not alter the protections and municipal zoning plans that already exist in the Pinelands.

To ensure that another agency's planning did not in any way change the Pinelands Management Area boundaries and the associated environmental protections, the commission entered into an agreement with the DEP. This agreement ensures that the commission retains its jurisdiction over such matters.

The outcome of the agreement is that only the type and density of development specified by the Pinelands Commission and by the current municipal zoning ordinances will be allowed. Villages are allowed some limited growth and associated wastewater treatment, which could be septic systems or other small-scale treatment facilities. Any new development must be compatible with the existing character of the village, must be in compliance with existing zoning and must meet all Pinelands environmental standards. This limited development potential has been permitted under the Pinelands Comprehensive Management Plan since 1981 and it is still all that will be allowed.


Executive Director

New Jersey Pinelands Commission

New Lisbon

Will dares to compare

MLK and Goldwater?

In his Aug. 14 column, "With Ryan pick, Romney shows presidential attitude," George Will shows just how tired the old Republican war horse really is.

Will mentions presidential candidate Barry Goldwater saying, "extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice" and "moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue." The moderation Goldwater was speaking of was that he would chase the commies out of Southeast Asia by whatever means necessary. Lyndon B. Johnson won in a landslide.

Later, Republican President Richard Nixon would embark on a high-altitude bombing campaign in civilian areas to cut off the Ho Chi Minh Trail and expand the war into Cambodia, just before he lost the war we could never win. Goldwater would have done even better.

Will then contemptuously refers to Martin Luther King Jr., saying, "Was not Jesus an extremist for love?" And yes, at the time and even today, "The South, the nation and the world are in dire need of creative extremists." But Will dares to compare Goldwater, a military interventionist, to King, a force for peaceful societal change? I'm pretty sure King would not be advocating extremist cuts to Medicare and social programs and bombing Iran.

Will should got out to pasture. His ramblings don't make much sense anymore.



America needs

a new beginning

In 1980, presidential candidate Ronald Reagan asked the American people, "Are you better off than you were four years ago?" That question needs to be asked again today.

If what the American people want are the hard facts about where the country is and where it is heading, they cannot vote for more of the same in November. But if what they want is emotionally satisfying rhetoric and a promise to give them something for nothing, to be paid for by taxing somebody else, then Barack Obama is their man.

The American people are too intelligent to believe in the political mirage of something for nothing, a notion that has ruined many nations. We can't afford another four years of failed policies. America needs a new beginning and, sadly, that is something that Obama can't provide.


Little Egg Harbor Township

Put people first

on Lower beaches

Regarding the Aug. 9 article, "Lower warns dog owners on beach rules": Lower Township Manager Mike Voll is addressing the unmanaged-dog epidemic along the North Cape May beaches. I, along with many other residents, would like to commend him for paying attention to this long-standing situation.

Too many have forgotten that this is a beach for people and have let their animals control our private relaxing time, which all citizens are entitled to. Thank you, Mike, for putting the people first.


North Cape May

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