Christie unfair, disrespectful

Regarding the July 27 story, “Christie: Public outcry over Beachgate ‘hurt’ family”:

Touché. Constituents don’t understand Gov. Christie’s unfairness and, quite frankly, ignorance.

He displayed a sense of entitlement and disrespect.

Perhaps entitlement is how he would justify his actions with his children.

Linda Combs


Phony intelligence aimed at overthrowing Trump

The recent Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) analysis of the evidence surrounding Russian hacking cuts to the chase. Assembled in 2003 from retired U.S. intelligence analysts to protest the faulty intelligence basis for invading Iraq, it evaporates the Russia/Trump connection narrative being pushed to hobble and eventually dismantle by a regime-change coup the legally elected President Trump. How else to explain away a victory by a constituency of “forgotten” Republicans, Democrats and others who hoped for a sane turn away from the last 16 years of economic collapse and military/industrial permanent war.

The VIPS analysis of the download speed of DNC documents, later disseminated by WikiLeaks showing collusion to rig the nomination for Hillary Clinton and forcing the Debbie Wasserman Schultz resignation, proves it was incapable of being done remotely, only by directly linked external drive. This eight-page memorandum has so far only been published by, totally ignored by mainstream media.

Every citizen should step forward to become that citizen/soldier and demand of their congressional and Senate representatives a full picture, through public hearings or an independent commission. They should not allow former FBI Director James Comey’s former mentor Robert Mueller, or “evidence” gathered by James “NSA doesn’t spy on Americans” Clapper or Senate Intelligence Committee computer “hacker” John Brennan to be the witch-hunt basis used for a coup against the American people and the country’s president.

Bruce Todd


Problems not so complex

Given the current political impasse, here are some simple solutions.

To resolve the never-ending health care debate, all members of Congress should repeal the Affordable Care Act and coincidentally offer all Americans the same policy that they subscribe to.

As to immigration restrictions, just prohibit all Muslims from entering the country. By enacting this type of ban, we could concentrate our resources on targeting the real perpetrators of domestic terrorism and violence: American males.

As to election meddling by the Russians, let’s just accept the fact that from now on the Russians will be covert participants in U.S. elections. Who knows, perhaps the next time that election hacking occurs by the Russians, we might actually elect a reasonable candidate.

As to the tweeting president, try to acquaint him with Nancy Reagan’s mantra, just say no. No to late-night narcissistic ramblings, no to random denigration of whomever he currently dislikes and no to childish self-serving political commentary. So far during Trump’s first six months, he has tweeted and played golf many times, but Congress has passed no major legislation. Perhaps Chris Christie could intervene in this matter.

Stephen Gring

Ocean City

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