Zimmerman verdict

doesn't change facts

I am very sad about the state of affairs in this country that has allowed George Zimmerman to walk free after killing Trayvon Martin. It's scary to think that an armed adult can stalk, confront and kill a teenager, then walk away free.

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Since when is a person permitted to confront another, who is engaged in legal activity, and question them? Since when is a person permitted to ignore the orders of police?

Regarding Florida's "stand your ground" law, Martin was walking, Zimmerman was driving. Since Zimmerman got out of his car, it was Martin's ground to stand.

Anyone who thinks Martin's skin color did not have some effect on Zimmerman's actions - and the initial response from the Sanford, Fla., Police Department - is either stupid or delusional. The fact that prosecutors did not press the question of race during the trial is disturbing. Everyone who lives in the real world knows that Zimmerman invaded Martin's personal space because he was walking while black.

The talk about Martin's behavior, in school or otherwise, is a disgrace. Whatever such behavior, he certainly did not deserve to die.

I'm tired of the people who say the jury made its decision and justice has been served. Oh, thank goodness. Now everything is OK. Please.

Martin is dead because of George Zimmerman's actions. All the legal wrangling in the world cannot change that fact.

I said it last year, when we waited 45 days for the state of Florida to bring criminal charges against Zimmerman - it's a disgrace. The police, prosecutors, and politicians in Florida should be ashamed.


Egg Harbor Township.

Computer searches

help with doctor visits

Regarding the July 29 story, "Getting the most out of your trip to the doctor/Here are 7 effective things you can do to make the trip more successful":

The article was comprehensive and good, but it made no reference to doing an Internet search for information. Any disease for which you will be returning to a doctor a third time is a candidate for such a search. If you are awaiting a diagnosis, input the symptoms. This may give you a basis for a discussion with your doctor. And, in the long term, support groups and knowledgeable people on the Internet may be helpful.

I was a caregiver for seven years, and I assure you, I gleaned a lot of helpful information through the computer and shared it with physicians.

On the same day, the story "Tick Removal" should have included the advice to save the specimen in a pill vial or similar container and keep it refrigerated for two weeks. If an illness such as Lyme disease occurs, the tick can be used to confirm the diagnosis.



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