Make Congress use ACA

If people want to see something get done on health care and quickly, then effective Jan. 1 all of our elected officials and their staffs should have to purchase their own health care insurance just like the millions of Americans that voted for them. No taxpayer support, they are no better than the people they represent.

If they think what is currently in effect is good enough for the rest of us and affordable, then they and their staffs should have no problem paying for it. This is especially important to those that voted not to even continue to discuss the issue. Time for talk has ended and action is needed.

Jim Mandis


Bacteria in Margate pool

Well, the governor and the Army Corps of Engineers really screwed up the Margate beach. Pictures show the pool of water trapped between the newly constructed dunes and the bulkhead. There must be high levels of bacteria. Trapped water becomes stagnant and a breeding ground for bacteria.

Michael Phillips


N. Korea imminent threat

It seems every day there is yet another bombshell announcement coming from the White House. Personally, I am tired of the amateurish personnel changes and President Trump’s use of Twitter to run the show. I voted for the guy because he was the better/lesser of two evils running for office. We all knew he was a savvy businessman and would surround himself with the best minds available to help him govern.

But it’s (still) not working.

Regrettably, and despite my high hopes, the Trump White House has become a daily circus. Congress isn’t helping either. After eight years of political and party hijinks during the last administration, here we go again. Promises were made, but they continue to be unaccomplished.

There are many real issues, like North Korea’s imminent ability to loft a ballistic missile in our direction, in my opinion one of the biggest risks to our way of life. When it develops its nuclear capability (and it will), all it needs is to get close. No precision is needed to detonate even a primitive nuclear weapon somewhere over the U.S. The resulting electromagnetic pulse would put us all back in the stone age. It’ll only take one and it would be lights out.

Dennis Flynn

Rio Grande

No concern for Christie

Regarding the July 27 story, “Christie: Public outcry over Beachgate ‘hurt’ family”:

N.J. resident shouldn’t be concerned about the emotional mood of the governor’s family when he has shown no compassion toward the people of this fine state. With a very low approval rating, it is no surprise that Gov. Christie would thumb his nose at the public by allowing only his family to vacation at a state park he closed.

Peter McLaughlin


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