Popular vote needn’t reflect will of the people

The winner of the popular vote in presidential elections may not always reflect the will of the people. More likely, this candidate’s strength is centered in the large cities — cities that reflect a political bias not shared by a large number of rural voters and some suburban voters.

Consider that the 10 largest cities of the country have an estimated combined population of 20,861,298 — more than the population of all but two states: California (39,144,818) and Texas (27,469,114).

New York City alone has a greater population (8,550,405) than 39 states. New York City and Los Angeles combined have a greater population than all but six states.

It would appear that if the 10 largest cities came under the total and lasting control of one party, we would have taken the first step toward a one-party system with a singular ideology. Does not the Electoral College provide a more level playing field?

Matthew Costanzo


Electoral vote is wrong

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, right? Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote. Something is wrong with the system. The Electoral College has got to go.

Here comes his face on the TV again. He is no longer spouting venom. I think I’m going to be sick. But we have got to accept. It will take more time.

Charlotte Josephs


Include river program in U.S. water legislation

Despite the incredible natural resources that the Delaware River Basin provides, it lacks the basin-wide strategies and federal support afforded to other major watersheds in the U.S. The Delaware River Basin Conservation Act seeks to change this with a non-regulatory restoration program in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. This program could fund projects in and around the Delaware River and Bay, like those that restore shellfish and wetlands, and manage stormwater. These projects help clean rivers and streams and protect coastal communities from storm damage and flooding.

Thanks to the leadership of Sen. Tom Carper, D-Delaware, and Rep. Frank LoBiondo, R-N.J. 2nd, the region is remarkably close to securing these new resources. The DRBCA was passed by the U.S. Senate in September as part of a larger bill known as the Water Resources Development Act. The House passed its own version without the DRBCA, and now the two must be reconciled. The final version should be crafted to include the DRBCA and protect the natural resources that so many people and business rely on.

This is a unique opportunity to get something done in Washington that will benefit everyone in the Delaware Valley.

Jennifer A. Adkins

Wilmington, Delaware

Executive director, Partnership for the Delaware Estuary

Trump nonparty appeal

Donald Trump was the independent candidate working through the Republican Party, and most voters did not recognize this tactic. Voters did not want Democrats anymore at this time, and Republicans were confused on who to follow.

Trump arrived and for whatever reason gave a choice never explored. Hence, Hillary Clinton never had a chance.

Frank Lecklikner

Egg Harbor Township

False, hateful column didn’t merit publishing

Regarding the Nov. 14 commentary by Debora Hinderliter Ortloff, “Another Nov. 9, another call to action”:

I feel that this commentary is unfit for publication. For the author to compare the horrific events of 1938 Germany to the recent U.S. election is beyond the pale. She is perpetuating the lies put forth by Hillary Clinton (in her “deplorables” speech), the Democratic National Committee and the mainstream media.

Kathleen Pendlebury

Cape May Court House


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