Religions failed America

I tried to hold my peace, but cannot. President Donald Trump is deranged. He has put America and other countries at risk for war. All because he could not keep his mouth shut.

Instead of acting like a president to bring people together, he has done the opposite. Trump is a disgrace to America and being a human being. Something’s wrong with this country that voted for a man I feel is full of hatred, bigotry and racism. We blacks and minorities won’t disappear, we are not going anywhere. This is our country too, so get used to it.

God is in control. If Christians, Muslims and other faiths were living right, then Trump could have never got in. God is tired of mankind and not the other way around. Playtime is over.

The United States used to be one of the richest countries. People died to come here. Now, look at it.

Sarah Loper-Sharp

Atlantic City

Against Trump, politicians

As Republicans jump after every red herring, each more dangerous than the last, and Democrats quietly wait for unhinged President Trump to implode, he continues to put all Americans at risk. The U.S. is no longer respected by its allies. He continues to antagonize the most volatile leader on the world scene and has initiated an unnecessary Middle East crisis. He consults too little with other world leaders, flourishes pen and executive orders, and regularly bypasses Congress. When he doesn’t bypass them, congressional members choose party over country every time. People cannot wait for the Mueller investigation to reach a conclusion, or wait for the Cabinet of sycophants to declare Article 25, they need a strong call for impeachment now.

I believe there is enough evidence that Donald Trump is not fit to lead, that he is self-serving and will never stop pandering to the third of Americans who support him at a cost that may never be recovered. People should remember the Iraq war, the number of senators who voted for it and the debacle it became. This precipice looms large. The nation faces an unmanageable deficit, the displacement of immigrants who call the country home, the destruction of the health care system and possible wars on multiple fronts, including American soil.

Something is wrong with everyone in Washington.

Harriet Diamond

Atlantic City