ACUA deploys robust landfill emission controls

Regarding the Dec. 25 letter, “County landfill smells”:

The Atlantic County Utilities Authority is committed to keeping landfill odors to a minimum and has many systems and procedures in place to regulate the gases emitted from the landfill. Management tools including wells, pumps, pipes and meters collect gas under vacuum to control odors and prevent methane (a potent, odorless greenhouse gas) and other gases from entering the atmosphere.

Over 100 landfill wells direct gas to two engines that generate electricity. Two gas flares burn off excess gas not used by the engines. In addition, a $2 million plastic cap was installed over a 30 acre closed portion of the landfill to stop gas from leaking to the atmosphere and causing odor issues.

There have been a few breaks in this plastic cap over the past year, mainly due to severe weather conditions. The most recent damage occurred in November and authority staff made timely repairs.

We have experienced some operational difficulties with the engines that use landfill gas to generate power, but are proactively taking steps to assure a more stable and reliable system to collect, filter and process landfill gas. ACUA and its landfill gas-to-energy partner recently installed a hydrogen sulfide treatment system costing $1.2 million.

Managing landfill gas is a dynamic, 24-hour per day process. ACUA will continue to monitor and upgrade landfill gas control systems, and to promptly address any mechanical issues that may develop.

ACUA is committed to being a good neighbor as well as being an environmental leader in the community.

Rick Dovey

Egg Harbor City

President, Atlantic County Utilities Authority

Against tax law, MacArthur

Congressman Tom MacArthur is still defending the Republican tax plan.

He says that the law is still good for families in New Jersey, but independent analyses show that some middle-income New Jersey taxpayers would pay more. He says his financial models prove that most taxpayers in the state will save money but he hasn’t shared his data or the models. He says he was initially against the estate tax repeal but he took one for the team. He shows up for photo ops with veterans but the Work Opportunity Tax Credit that helps unemployed vets get jobs was proposed for repeal before it was preserved under the tax reform law. He decries the lack of cooperation from Democrats on the tax bill but never stuck his neck out to demand the inclusion of the other party in the bill’s negotiations.

Large medical expenses and catastrophic losses on properties can’t be deducted in order to offset some of the tax cuts.

MacArthur’s loyalty to the Republican rip-off and to President Trump may work for him now, but it’s at the expense of his constituents and his state.

Kevin Kennedy