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Voice of the People, Dec. 2, 2016

Try to get rid of Christie

I am not real happy that Donald Trump has been elected, but it is a reality I guess we are going to have to accept. But, in an effort to cut people’s losses in New Jersey, we should try, in an expedited fashion, either to indict Gov. Chris Christie and get him in jail or come to the conclusion that he will get away with Bridgegate.

That way Trump can take him and get him off of the state’s hands. He hasn’t been good for the state and he’s been even worse for Atlantic City. I’d be willing to take a chance with just about any replacement.

Philip Briglia


Electoral College system a relic of 18th century

A recent letter defended the electoral system of choosing a president, saying the candidates would only campaign in California, New York and other high-population states.

The current system has been in use since September 1787, when the U.S. consisted of 13 states; now it is 50. The system was a concession to delegates from the slave-owning South, where blacks only counted as three-fifths of a person.

The system is unfair because densely populated states like California, with just over 39 million people and 55 Electoral College votes, has one per about 711,000 residents, while Wyoming with just over 586,000 people has three college votes, one voter representing 195,000 residents. That’s inherently unfair.

In the past, it took weeks for news, including candidates’ positions, to reach voters throughout the nation, while current technology permits information to travel instantly to every citizen whether they live and vote in cities or urban areas.

Five times in history the popular vote getter has lost to the Electoral College winner, twice in the last 16 years. The Civil War ended slavery and the “three-fifths” concession, yet the electoral system survives. All national offices other than president and vice president are chosen by popular vote and still some insist on keeping this anachronism from the 18th century.

Congress should repeal Amendment XII, which established the Electoral College system, and make the popular vote the law of the land.

Donald Trump tweeted in November 2012, “The Electoral College is a disaster for a democracy.”

Nick Reina


Campaign strategy seeks Electoral College victory

All the nonsense you hear about the popular vote is just that, nonsense. If the most votes nationwide determined who won, the whole election race would have been run differently. Think about the baseball World Series. It’s the games won, not the runs scored, that count. So you manage your team to win games and couldn’t care less about the score of the games you lose.

Back in the 1950s, the New York Yankees played the Pittsburgh Pirates in the World Series. Surprisingly, the Pirates won the seven-game series, 4 to 3. However, if you analyze the statistics, you may wonder who should have won. Which was the better team?

The individual game scores were exceptionally one-sided. The Yankees scored an overwhelming total of more than 50 runs, winning games by 10 runs or more. But although the Pirates scored less than half as many runs, they were the champions. Should we go back and change the record books to indicate the Yankees won?

Let’s create a scenario where the Yankee/Hillary Clinton fans may realize that better team management won the series/election. The Pirates/Republicans used their best starting pitcher in the first game (Florida) and saved him for the seventh and winning game (Pennsylvania). They also planned on resting their best players for a couple of games (New York and California) figuring that they could take at least two battleground games (Ohio and Minnesota).

That’s how you win a World Series and an Electoral College election!

Ettore Cattaneo

Cape May


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