Religion can calm

troubled minds

The deaths in Newtown, Conn., must be discussed until they are understood. This was a tragic event that everyone wishes never took place and that everyone hopes can be moved off the front page and forgotten with the rest of yesterday's headlines.

But murders of this type take place for the same reason over and over again - an individual cannot cope with life's disappointments. These people have reached the end of their track through life and now must jump the rails.

They think they are brilliant and the pieces should always fall into place. They don't because they are consumed by their problem, and all resolutions have become hidden.

How do people cope with situations beyond their control while staying focused and positive on life?

Some people use religion. I am not talking about the people who wear their religion on their sleeve. I am talking about the people who have an understanding that the lives we live can always be examined through a bigger perspective.

Mass murder is committed because a caged animal is backed into a corner and must spring to escape. There is no clear pathway to the peace that he or she desires. These people must show the world that they existed and their lives meant something. It is a cry for identity.

But God can help us see the whole picture. Religion is an engine that transforms people away from their own perspective and moves them nearer to the distant goal. The goal of religion is to understand this premise and unquestioningly accept the teachings.

Let us hope that we never run into that brick wall, turn around and see our path has seemingly ended. If you have it in your heart, religion will tell you to look up and elevate yourself. When you are on that higher plane, the problem below will have diminished to a speck. The world will again become a globe silently spinning with you in control of your emotions.



Nothing excuses

evil such as this

The massacre in Newtown, Conn., could have happened in my town or any town. Once again, mass murder has caused terror to reign in our lives.

Those who inflict such hate know what they are doing. The victims are not given a second thought by a monster who chooses to shed their blood. So should we give these killers a second thought?

If the monster who did this evil had lived, I guarantee there would be some plan of defense in motion. But who speaks for the innocent? Evil should be labeled evil. Society has provided too many excuses for those who do wrong, thus taking away their acountability.


Mays Landing

Time has come

to arm teachers

Our children need more protection. The police can't be there all the time. The time has come for teachers to be armed. Let those teachers who want to be armed be trained until they qualify to fire with accuracy. A few teachers on each floor who are armed would be like a small army against a single mad man. Get rid of any ridiculous red tape that would be in the way of this. The faster the better.



U.S. fiscal situation

is truly frightening

Regarding the Dec. 3 letter, "Actually, Obama voters saved us from the fools":

The fact is, people who didn't vote for Barack Obama are scared. I am one of them. I own a small manufacturing company, and I take umbrage at the often repeated phase "pay their fair share." I pay my fair share and then some. I pay a lot of taxes, and seeing the money wasted is frustrating and very upsetting. The only proposal from the Democrats is always to raise taxes now and cut spending in the future, which never happens.

No family that makes $500 per week spends $500,000 per week, but that's what our government is doing right now. How long can this go on? In the days before this letter was published, there were several news items about government spending. The National Flood Insurance program is $18 billion in debt, the Federal Housing Administration lost $16.3 billion last year, and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., the federal agency that insures pensions, ran a $34 billion deficit last year.

Unfortunately, I believe the people who voted for Obama will live to regret it. When half of the population works to support the other half, it's only a matter of time before things collapse.

I believe we have tipped the scales in favor of handouts. All great countries collapse. We are past the point of no return. It was a great ride while it lasted.



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