Making men equals too

In Mary Sanchez’s Dec. 11 commentary, “Men will make things worse if they overreact to feeling threatened,” she writes that “men are promoting the idea that they are being made into second-class citizens.”

No. They are being made equals to the other half of the human race.

Margaret DeFelice

Port Republic

Bias tries to stop public making up its own mind

I didn’t vote for Donald Trump, I voted against Hillary Clinton. During the election, it was obvious the media had more positive articles about Clinton and nothing good to write about Trump.

Since the election, media with its total liberal bias has gone overboard on negative articles about President Trump.

Normally, after every election we come together to make all our lives better, but the Democrats have made every effort to disrupt and resist making a better country.

By printing the news with a liberal bias, the media is trying to influence their readers to believe in one political view, not give the readers an opportunity to make up their own minds.

John Applegate

Galloway Township

Deduction limit might tax some income twice

The Senate and House agreeing on tax reduction and getting the president’s signature before the year closes was good.

Despite my being a constitutional conservative, or perhaps because of my political philosophies, I think that there could be problems, and this time it’s not the left wing nuts, but us tea baggers.

We have an income tax here in New Jersey, a tax based on our taxable income. Now with 2017 tax reform, N.J. residents will be able to deduct from their income for federal tax purposes only up to $10,000 in state and local taxes, including on income and property.

If our state and local taxes are above that level, we will be paying the IRS tax on income that is also taxed locally or by the state.

John A. Sesta III