Bring back weather scan

Up until about six weeks ago, there were two weather channels provided by Comcast. The original weather channel and the weather scan channel. The weather scan channel provided constant local information.

For some reason, Comcast decided to remove the channel. In my opinion, this was a huge mistake. I used the weather scan channel every day several times a day. I wrote to Comcast to voice my displeasure with the removal of the channel. I received back a polite email that stated my comments would be passed on to management.

Everyone who used this channel and counted on it to help plan their days or maybe even weeks should take the time to voice their objections to Comcast. If Comcast hears from enough people, hopefully they will bring back the weather scan channel.

John C. Penman


Trump, Christie great

I shall never forget 2017 and Donald Trump’s great leadership during his first year as president. Seeing him win election was one of the most fabulous times in my life and hopefully he will continue tearing the Democrats apart as he has done since starting to do away with the swamp.

Liberals have tried in every way to run Trump out of town without success and the outstanding Trump years will continue.

I never cared for Trump when he operated casinos in this horrible state run by liberals, but became a fan on that wonderful election night.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie also has done an outstanding job as an opponent of liberals. I realize that with the coming of Gov.-elect Phil Murphy, everything will go down hill, so good luck to everyone.

Barry Koob

Egg Harbor City

GOP will be defeated

I do not consider myself a fortune teller but I believe that almost every elected Republican now holding office will be replaced in the next elections. The recently enacted tax cuts are letting the middle class down again.

I think President Trump has alienated his supporters from the middle class.

The last election results where Democrats won many contests reflects only the tip of the iceberg as to what the next election will reflect. Trump has accomplished nothing in almost a year, caused chaos around the world with his inane tweets and has left poor impressions of America with its allies.

The tax bill probably will be viewed as the last straw and all Republicans up for election will be replaced by middle-class voters.

Karl Nuebler

Galloway Township