Public needs to oppose offshore oil drilling

Regarding the Dec. 3 story, “Trump White House revives push for oil, gas drilling in Atlantic”:

I am dismayed and angered, but not surprised, to see Majority Whip Steve Scalise, a Louisiana Republican, sponsoring a bill to let oil and gas companies drill off the coast of New Jersey as well as many other places the public hoped to save from the scarring and money grubbing by big oil. I also am not surprised that President Donald Trump supports this legislative effort.

There was big time damage from oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico, interrupting the fishing, lobster and crabbing industries. The beaches needed cleaning and wildlife was killed.

This won’t bring down the cost of gasoline. Refineries just freeze output to raise prices.

People should provide their input on these drilling proposals by calling their congressional representatives and senators and writing or tweeting the president.

Fran Worrell

Ocean City

Allow concealed carry to counter shootings

With all the shootings that have escalated in the past five years to mega proportions, it is unfortunately time for the stable-minded people of this country to be allowed to carry and have a chance by shooting back. I feel safer having a weapon in the house but would feel safer yet when attending an event or just walking down the street and now even going to church.

Maybe the shooters would think twice if they thought you might be carrying a weapon. The idea on weapons control in some parts is a good idea, but should be directed to assault weapons because they are so easily converted to fully automatic. I have never agreed with the sale of these weapons, which should be eliminated from public purchase. But if the common guns were restricted from all Americans, then only the bad guys would have guns. It is time for change. We need to have the option to carry to defend ourselves or not.

This country is the biggest target in the world and has allowed people in supposedly to have a better life, but whose intention is only to destroy with shootings, bombs, etc. It is past time for our leaders to wake up and get tough.

Sheldon Koger