For flag and freedoms

I am sick and tired of liberals and radical leftists who complain about political correctness. Now their sights are on the American flag, using excuses that it is offensive and racist, and students in California have banned flying it.

NFL players who kneel in protest are dishonoring the flag and those who have sacrificed for this great nation. This is a national disgrace. We as Americans have become complacent. We take too much for granted and we don’t exercise the rights of our freedom in our own country.

I fly the flag. I have two. One I fly on the 4th of July with 13 stars for the original 13 Colonies that fought for independence. The other one I fly year-round because I am an American and proud of it.

It’s time to draw the line, stand up and stop all the division going on. The investigations, the scrutiny of everyone in office, the political turmoil between Republicans and Democrats. It’s time to come together, to move forward to settle all the issues that are at hand.

Make English the national language — no English, no citizenship, no backdoor amnesty. Insist on term limits to insure a fair and just form of government where representatives listen to the will of the people, where “all men are created equal.”

Let’s come together and embrace our freedoms as citizens of the greatest country in the world.

Carl Fischbach

Egg Harbor Township

Freedom, democracy, race

Regarding the Nov. 28 letter, “Proud of flag and country”:

I assume that the writer is a white male. If so, he should try walking in the shoes of a black male for a week, and see how freedom and democracy work for him then.

Jackie Enochs


Raise minimum wage

Regarding the Nov. 28 guest commentary by Michael Busler, “$15 minimum wage would hurt workers”:

The column suggests that this state increase in the minimum wage would result in the curtailed use of unskilled workers and make them unemployable — and that robotics and the use of touch screens and mobile apps would replace some of the need for employees.

Every business or service needs the unskilled workers to oil the robots, check batteries, settings, connections, clean the floors, throw out garbage and change lighting when needed. Most important to any business is personal contact with a human. Of all those unskilled workers, many become skilled from basic employment. Machines cannot say thank you.

The added cost of higher wages would be tax deductible, as well as medical and other benefits provided. People tend to use such wage increases for basic needs and debt reduction.

Let’s not return to a pat on the back, thanks for a job well done.

Lou Green

Mays Landing