US should allow court to prosecute Israelis

Regarding the Nov. 18 story, “Palestinians to suspend talks if US closes PLO mission”:

Why would the U.S. close its diplomatic office?

Apparently the United States has a legal provision that says the Palestinians can’t operate a Washington office if they solicit the International Criminal Court in The Hague to prosecute Israelis for alleged crimes against Palestinians.

So the very organization appointed to intercede in crimes against humanity is off limits to the Palestinians for this purpose, the very folks who need them most. What utter nonsense.

What happened to all that talk about justice, rights and equality in our legal system? I think Israel and the U.S. would prefer to have the conflict settled in a court of law instead of in the streets. Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu spurns any peace talks while he builds settlement housing on occupied territory, and the Palestinians are expected to roll over and accept it.

It’s just another example of the “boot on the neck” policy of Israel and the US regarding the Palestinians. The GOP is so hell-bent on getting rid of rules and regulations, maybe they should put this one at the top of their list.

Frank Geiger

Del Haven

Put Puerto Rico ahead of immigrants to US

Since Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, the politicians should give it priority over all the immigrants, legal and illegal, coming into this country.

Puerto Rico’s lack of all the necessities of individual health care, food, water, electricity, shelter, schools etc. must be met before that of all other countries. How can the U.S. afford all this? It can’t.

Several years ago, my husband and I started to get on a bus in Puerto Rico, which required exact change only and for which we had only paper money, so we were refused boarding.

A lovely Puerto Rican woman on the bus handed the driver our fares. When I remarked how gracious she was, she replied, “My son is in New York City, and I would only hope he is treated kindly as well.”

I hope so, too.

Jeanne C. Mentzer

Ocean View

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