Post office customers

are to blame for lines

Regarding the Nov. 29 letter, "Angry postal workers shouldn't mistreat mail," which criticized the U.S. Postal Service for long post office lines, among other things:

Recently, I went to the post office in Pleasantville to mail three packages. The line ahead of me had about 15 people in it and was not moving very fast. One of the stations was doing a passport application for a family of four, which understandably was taking time. The other two open stations were helping customers who didn't have a clue about how to mail a package. Flimsy boxes, no boxes, open boxes - I saw them all ahead of me.

You can't complain about lines at the post office when your fellow customers bring in packages to mail that aren't ready and want the post office people to pack and tape their boxes. One woman waited in line with an open box, bought packing tape, then returned with the package address in the wrong place. She unnecessarily delayed everyone else by being unprepared. This isn't rocket science.

But through it all, the post office employees were all pleasant, working hard and unflustered. Keep up your good work.


Egg Harbor Township

MSNBC as biased

as Fox News is

In the past few months I have seen multiple letters bashing Fox News, all written by progressives. I guess it all depends on which side of the aisle you are on. MSNBC is as guilty of bias as Fox. In fact, after watching it, I am of the opinion that MSNBC has more people on the extreme left than Fox has on the extreme right. So as I said, it depends on which one you favor.

As to the Dec. 5 letter, "Fox news, talk radio helped Democrats win," which asked, "When was the last time a nation moved forward on a conservative wave?": That was the 1980s, when Ronald Reagan was president.


Galloway Township

Don't rehire worker

caught with marijuana

Regarding the Dec. 4 story, "A.C. official forfeits job over pot charges":

A city employee was caught in a city-owned vehicle that smelled of pot, and he had pot in the vehicle. This employee had to forfeit his job (which actually no longer exists) over these drug charges. But under the terms of his conditional discharge, he may get to work for the city again.

I don't agree with spending my tax dollars to hire a pothead. If working for the city was that important to him, then why smoke pot on city time? Where is the justice in the city giving him another job? And rest assured, I am positive that the current city leaders will find him a new job on the city payroll.

This is another case of mismanagement in the city by the current administration and the City Council. Who is minding the store for the taxpayers in Atlantic City?


Atlantic City

Out-of-state help

touching after Sandy

Recently, I've seen heavy equipment from Wisconsin, Illinois and Fort Myers, Fla., helping to clean up in Ventnor Heights after Sandy. A few years ago in New Orleans, I saw a reporter was talking about Katrina. Right behind him was a bucket truck with the words "Atlantic City Electric Company" on it.

What goes around really does come around. I was touched.



Americans want end

to tax cuts for the rich

I can't believe that we're going through this lunacy with Congress again regarding ending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 percent among us. Our country has made it clear that this is exactly what we want to happen. Enough is enough.

We've had four years of Congress not doing its job, and four years of Republicans staying true to a pledge to a "lobbyist" instead of standing behind their oath of office to serve the people.

The best way to cut the deficit is to put America back to work. The Republicans' idea is to keep the wealthiest 2 percent wealthier so that they can create the jobs. Well, we've tried it their way for over a decade, and tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 percent just haven't worked. We need to put that money back in the hands of the middle class so they can spend it. Working families and the middle-class are the engines of our economy.

We need to get mad and tell our members of Congress to protect our future and end the Bush tax cuts on the wealthy. This is no time for politics as usual, no time for brinksmanship by either party, no time for playing chicken.

Our future and our families' futures are at stake. Call, write or visit your representatives in Congress and demand that they end the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 percent.


Barnegat Township

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