Apparently, Americans

are in favor of socialism

Two years ago, in spite of the Tea Party's smashing victories, I predicted President Barack Obama's re-election. How did I know? Because one could see more and more Americans wanting to be taken care of. Vanishing was that pioneer spirit that carved a great nation out of the wilderness, when people proudly stood on their own two feet.

Today, the majority (city folk, in particular) are willing to trade self-sufficiency, their freedom and a republic for a socialistic state.

But I'd like those who favor socialism to keep two thoughts in mind:

1. Social justice for one at the expense of social justice for another is not social justice for all.

2. What an all-powerful government can give, it can also take away.



Fox News, talk radio

helped Democrats win

Democrats owe their victory in the November election to right-wing radio and Fox News and their insistence that Mitt Romney run as an undisguised Republican.

The nation can now rectify immigration policy and mend our financial impasse. Without the zealous determination and advocacy of the right wing, this election would have continued the Reagan legacy to its ultimate conclusion - an America without answers, just conclusions voiced by the right-wing media outlets.

When was the last time a nation moved forward on a conservative wave?


Egg Harbor Township

Post-Sandy A.C. ad

ignores residents' plight

Regarding the new post-Sandy Atlantic City Alliance ad saying, "Our Boardwalk still standing strong. Our city still standing tall":

I think the ad also should have said, "And our residents will stand strong, as we stand strong behind them, because standing strong in Atlantic City means more than just standing. Atlantic City is our casino home, and when our residents stand strong once again, we all win!"

I am a homeowner, wife, mother, daughter, sister and resident of Atlantic City for more than 33 years, and I lost all our belongings in the Chelsea Heights section of the city.

Everything - not only rugs, walls, beds, electricity, heat and telephone service, but all our family treasures, including photo albums and home movies, etc. We have flood insurance, which, minus deductibles, leaves us in reality homeless.

The casinos could have become our greatest allies as they reopened. Perhaps many of the casino CEOs do not live locally or were not affected. They screamed "we are open" to the world, but those who lost all, well, that's a local city issue and not our concern.

This is our Katrina, and like most such events, the sorrow, grief, rebuilding, the trauma, loss and utter despair of "Oh, where do we begin" haunts many.

The casinos would have been wiser and smarter to have at least acted like they cared in their media blitz. In each casino, there should be giant glass contribution jars titled "Hurricane Sandy - DO/AC local residents assistance fund. Let's help our residents stand tall together."


Atlantic City

Don't use Sandy

as excuse to raise taxes

The public-works and public-safety professionals in Ventnor did an outstanding job dealing with hurricane issues, and I am deeply grateful for their dedication to the well-being of our residents. I hope our elected officials will do the same as they attempt to deal with the costs of repairing the damage left behind by the storm.

Gov. Chris Christie recently told municipalities that the costs of repairing storm damage can be passed on to taxpayers under the emergency exemption to the 2 percent cap on tax increases. That would cause even more hardship to property owners who are already struggling to repair their homes.

Ventnor has remained well within the cap for the past four years while still managing to accommodate massive infrastructure repairs. There is no reason why that record cannot continue. The city's negotiation with its unions, for instance, should favor the taxpayers, not the unions who have had consistently above-average increases for many years.

We should expect our elected officials not to punish homeowners with a secondary storm hit of increased taxes. We should also encourage our state legislators to act to block all storm-damaged communities from using waivers to bypass the cap.

I hope Ventnor residents will attend commission meetings to express themselves on this important issue.



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