Katrina victims

show generosity

From 2005 to 2008, a group from South Jersey traveled to Mississippi where we did Katrina relief work in both Bay St. Louis and Waveland. During that time, we made several trips and made lots of friends.

Over the years, I've kept in touch with a number of families who have become a part of our family. Last week, I received a box filled with donations from our friends in Waveland for our neighbors and friends in New Jersey. Our hearts were elated when the package arrived and we opened it to find warm sweaters, coats, jeans and shirts in a very large box.

When I called "Santa's elves" in Waveland to tell them we received the package, they told me that UPS was so touched to hear that the package was coming to New Jersey for Sandy survivors they charged our friends a very special price.

I delivered all the clothing to our friends. It warmed my heart to know that our Katrina friends were so upset to hear about the devastation Sandy brought to our neighbors that they wanted to do something special. Thank you to our friends in Waveland and Bay St. Louis for caring about New Jersey.

And thank you, UPS, for your kindness.


Little Egg Harbor Township

Bible doesn't say

to take from the rich

The writer of the Dec. 15 letter, "Government's job is indeed social justice," seems to believe the story of Robin Hood - who robbed from the rich to give to the poor - is found in the Bible. He correctly acknowledges America's Christian roots but then morphs "government" with "Christian" to get "social justice."

Social justice, however, is a political term for the "just" redistribution of wealth. Social justice, in its naked form, is essentially the same as Karl Marx's "from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs." In other words, by force of progressive tax laws, taking from producers and giving to consumers. Communism, insightfully critiqued as "socialism with a gun," is a godless ideology that, like the story of Robin Hood, is nowhere found in the Bible.

Study after study finds that Bible-believing Americans are the most generous group on the face of the Earth. This glorifies the "God who provides all things," which is not the government.


Egg Harbor Township

Every school needs

armed security person

As the grandfather of seven, I feel we need to take immediate action to further secure the safety of our children.

I would like to see every school have an armed security person. This person should be or could be part of our federal air-marshal training program.

This program would be funded by the federal government. Money for the "school marshal" program should be taken from the foreign aid given to other countries for their security.

Regardless of gun controls, locks or security systems, we need to have a trained professional at each school to protect our children, teachers and administrators.

Had the prinicpal at Sandy Hook Elementary School been an armed security professional running toward the killer, you can be sure the outcome would have been different. That young principal displayed the courage that is seen in Medal of Honor recipients.


Beesleys Point

Will we finally

change gun laws?

When will our society finally scream enough is enough and seriously change our gun laws?

There is something really wrong when there are more than three times as many gun stores in the U.S. as McDonald's. Think about that.


Atlantic City

Shooter's mother

deserves no sympathy

There is much misplaced sympathy for the mother of Adam Lanza. If she had lived, she would be facing very serious charges for allowing an allegedly mentally ill man to gain access to her weapons.

My sympathy lies with the children, especially the ones who survived. They will have these memories etched in their minds forever.

Nancy Lanza may not have deserved to die, but she handed the weapons to her son. When the national cry is for more gun control, the mother had the control. She clearly gave it away.

I am not a gun advocate, but the control was in her hands and in the hands of her son. What did she teach him? That is a valid question to ask.


Somers Point

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