AP misidentifies recipes; not really sourdough

Regarding the Nov. 20 Associated Press story, “Sourdough pancakes and biscuits: Your secret weapons for holiday guests”:

This article about “sourdough” bread actually contained recipes for yeast bread, which is something different. The author seemed to not know what sourdough is, and I’m concerned that this is going to spread confusion.

Sourdough is made with a sourdough starter, saved from batch to batch, which contains both yeast and lactic acid bacteria. The recipes in the article use plain dry yeast. While I’m sure they’re good recipes, and convenient for people who don’t want to maintain a starter, it matters what foods are called.

Mislabeling creates confusion, hassles for bakers, and has possible health consequences — some people feel sourdough is less allergenic than regular bread. Imagine trying to order food, find a recipe, or run a bakery in a world where any muffin with any kind of fruit was called a blueberry muffin.

Jennifer Maguire

Mays Landing

Bike path needs rules so it serves everyone

Regarding the Nov. 12 editorial, “Bike path memorials can remain a good thing, with limits”:

I agree there need to be regulations to maintain the Northfield bike path with continuity and beautification.

Some people want to use the public space to make their own personal memorials with plants and flowers, signs and decorations permanently affixed to memorial trees/benches, and bricks and garden edging dug into the ground. This all creates obstacles for the city employees who mow and maintain the area.

Some council members stated anything placed should be done with good judgment and taste. This is very subjective, and who is to decide good or bad?

In the past, council has asked people to remove solar lights, items mounted to benches and also to disconnect electrical power that was tied into a light post powered by the city.

The bike path is meant to be a place for all to enjoy, relax and reflect.

Parts of the bike path in Northfield are disheveled and cluttered with decorations, dead plants and flowers. It often saddens me seeing all these memorials, ranging from small to very large and ornate.

Mayor Erland Chau’s recommendations are reasonable and would ensure that the Northfield bike path will remain a visually pleasing and natural environment for future generations to enjoy.

Municipal officials should do what is in the best interest of all the residents and create an ordinance that is enforced equally and fairly for all.

Alicia Garry


Backs volunteer firefighters

The other day my son’s home was overcome with a flaming chimney fire. This was such a scary situation. Luckily, our son was trained in how to put the fire out, but with embers landing on the roof, they called 911 and got help from the local volunteer fire company. The volunteers immediately got to work, knowing exactly what to do.

Egg Harbor Township residents are very lucky to have trained firefighters on call. People should donate to their local fire company.

And when you see a fire truck with its lights and siren on, or a vehicle with flashing blue lights, pull over.

Lynn Wood

Egg Harbor Township