All Obama knows

is to tax and spend

The 2012 presidential election is over, and it seems common sense died with it. A large percentage of Americans just don't get it, or maybe they just don't pay attention. President Barack Obama is a media darling - the first president, and I hope the last, created by the news media. The major news outlets love the president and will never report anything negative or even ask him any hard question.

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During the campaign, a common theme of the president was that the rich don't pay their fair share. No, Mr. President, politicians like you spend too much. At the federal, state and local levels, we spend far more than we bring in, and this just can't continue.

Taxing people more won't solve this country's problems. Spending less will, but we have a president who just won't listen to common sense and seems to dislike people and businesses that are successful.

This country missed a golden opportunity on Nov. 6. Mitt Romney was the perfect person to get our economy back on track. He understood the economy and how it worked. Instead, we put someone back in office who believes we can tax and spend our way out of trouble.

Get ready, America. It's going to be a very long and bumpy four years .



Hostess management

to blame, not unions

The writer of the Nov. 26 letter about Hostess Brands Inc., "Blame union for bankruptcy," says, "I don't want to hear that company officers got raises as if they should never get increases." Maybe he should consider some of the facts before commenting.

Hostess was taken over by a team representing institutional investors and a hedge fund, with Hostess top executives awarding themselves tens of millions of dollars in raises and bonuses while closing plants and slashing wages and benefits. The last and final offer by management was rejected for good reason. The deal proposed enormous executive bonuses and a 300 percent increase in pay for the CEO, while cutting workers' wages by 8 percent and benefits by 32 percent and not paying the $160 million it owed to the employees' pension plan.

After analyzing the facts, and the lesson that the hedge-fund style of management is only interested in stripping company assets, paying executives and leaving a carcass of a once viable company, we can see that by rejecting this offer the workers are standing up for the middle class, which is what America is built upon.


Ocean City

Eagles' sad season

should be no surprise

Eagles management laid the foundation for this season when they rewarded DeSean Jackson's 2011 behavior with a $50 million contract.

You get what you pay for, and the Eagles got a product where selfishness, immaturity and disrespect win - and the team loses.



Republicans to blame

for their election defeat

It's never our fault, is it? Take Mitt Romney's supporters (please) and their continual whining over his drubbing in the election. Instead of accepting any responsibility for the misguided Romney campaign, his backers blame everyone and everything else. It was the media's fault, and don't forget their accomplice - Hurricane Sandy.

How about this for a possibility? It was Romney and his campaign team that lost the election. He adopted a rigid stance on social issues that ran contrary to many in the country. The campaign was too far to the right on topics like health insurance, abortion, immigration and gay rights. In the ever evolving social climate and cultural makeup of this country, Romney failed to recognize the importance of acknowledging the potential support of those more tolerant of such issues. He failed to appeal to the many moderates sitting on the fence.

The real crime is that Romney governed Massachusetts as a centrist, with views not so unlike President Barack Obama's. Yet he was forced by his team to run from his own health care plan that he put into effect as governor. After selecting Paul Ryan as his running mate, he then allowed himself to be dragged to the far right edge on abortion. He altered his personal beliefs for the campaign and essentially hid the fact that he is a decent, reasonable and generous man. In doing so, he overshadowed his accomplishments as an astute businessman.

And as for the big bad media, Fox News (America's most watched cable news source) championed his every move and his every word while attacking the president at every turn.

Sometimes our failures belong to us.


Rio Grande

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