'Stopping Obama'

is not an agenda

The beat goes on. As the Republicans gathered recently to reshape their image, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin encouraged the GOP to stick together and pick its fights with President Barack Obama. Some change this is for the Republicans.

The Republican message continues to be to use any chance they have to stop Obama. Why are Republicans not focusing on how they can better the United States for the people? When Obama was first elected, Sen. Mitch McConnell stated his primary goal was to make sure Obama was not elected to a second term. Well, Obama was elected to a second term, but the GOP message is the same: Let's do what we can to stop Obama.

Come on Republicans, and all in Congress. What about the people and doing what is in their best interest? If the Republicans really want to do a makeover, it takes more than trying to stop the president.


Mays Landing

All-male sports teams

should welcome women

Women are fighting crime as police officers, fighting fires as firefighters and soon will be sitting in tanks and foxholes to fight the enemies of our country as combat soldiers.

It seems only fair that the next logical progression of the feminist equality movement would be to have women playing on heretofore all-male professional sports teams.

They'll be fighting for the honor of their team's home city and the big bucks that go along with the big leagues. Let's go, Eaglets!



We need new options

beyond military force

How shall we greet the news that U.S. women will now be able to fully participate in the deadliest and most primitive form of conflict resolution: war?

It seems we have not evolved much beyond our ancestral cave-dwellers who hurled rocks at trespassing neighbors. We aren't doing any better than they did at settling scores. Only the weaponry is more sophisticated today.

As he lifted the ban on women in combat, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta noted, "Not everyone can be a combat soldier, but everyone is entitled to a chance." One wonders what sort of a chance that might be. Is it a better chance to experience traumatic brain injury, dismemberment, death?

Couldn't we have a branch of the military devoted solely to studying and developing noncombat strategies for making peace? And couldn't that branch be the most powerful, staffed by the smartest and best-paid personnel? And couldn't we promote lots of women to it?



Careless drivers

should be fined

On an average day, at least 40 cars fail to even slow down at the stop sign on Winchester Avenue at Tallahassee Avenue in Atlantic City.

Drivers use Winchester to bypass the red lights on Ventnor Avenue, especially during rush hour, and when school buses are on Ventnor dropping off or picking up school children. If only five of these drivers a day were ticketed and were fined $200, that would add up to $365,000 a year.


Atlantic City

Let New Jersey citizens

carry concealed firearms

Regarding the Jan. 28 letter, "Let retired officers carry hollow points":

Because retired police officers are permitted to carry a firearm, the letter writer is requesting that retired police be allowed to carry hollow point bullets.

The problem in New Jersey is that pretty much only police can carry concealed firearms. Honest Joe Citizen has to fend for himself or herself when confronted with the dirt balls with a thirst for violence. The law that restricts the honest citizen from concealed carry only gives notice to the criminal that citizens are an easy mark.

Let's face it, there are people carrying concealed weapons. They are the ones who target the unarmed citizen, knowing we are unarmed. New Jersey is one of 10 states that "may issue" concealed-carry permits. But permits are only issued to police, retired police, people in security work and others who can establish an urgent neeed for self-protection.

The 2011 New Jersey State Police Uniform Crime Report states that a violent crime occurs once every 19 minutes and 21 seconds; a murder occurs once every 23 hours and three minutes; once every eight hours and 50 minutes, a rape occurs.

Can you call 911 and expect protection from violent crime, or will you be a victim?



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