Benghazi questions

have been answered

Regarding the Feb. 12 letter, "Democrats to blame for Benghazi deaths":

The writer repeats once again the old Fox News talking points that never die. Obviously another in-Fox-icated person refusing to accept the facts that have come from numerous investigations and hearings.

The facts aren't worth repeating, since certain people only hear what Fox tells them anyway. Losing lives is always a big deal. President George W. Bush's 9/11 and two mismanaged wars cost thousands of lives, if you want to talk lives needlessly lost. Someone needs to de-Fox.


Mays Landing

Worry about pollution,

•ot offshore windmills

Regarding the Feb. 13 letter, "Ocean windmills will add to scenic blight":

Windmills, scenic blight? While I respect the author's opinion, many feel otherwise, as I do.

There is an unseen blight, the pollution destroying our ocean. More important threats are the denial of climate change and our increasing need for electrical power.

Discouraging windmills and denying the natural-gas pipeline to the B.L. England Generating Station in Upper Township can result in a much more disastrous "blight."

Consider brownouts on the barrier islands during vacation season. The inconvenience will chase vacationers away. Business investment will diminish. People will move away.

If we don't face up to what is needed to maintain our quality of life, and Congress continues to ignore climate change, we will have a "blight" from which there is no return.


Mays Landing

Beach bars benefit

tourism economy

Regarding the Jan. 23 editorial "Wildwood beach bar/A fine idea":

I am excited to hear that one of our shore communities is going to open a beach bar as a way to draw in a larger summer crowd this year.

Enhancing our state's greatest asset - the beach - will generate work for local residents and benefit neighboring businesses. Hotels and mom-and-pop shops will get a boost from new tourists.

Atlantic City's beach bars are a huge success. They attract a younger crowd and stay packed from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The timetable for bringing in revenue during the summer is short, so every business counts and every worker wins.

I am a frequent beachgoer. On most summer days, our large group finds itself in front of the Green House in Margate. The bar is always packed with tourists and locals.

I only ask Wildwood one thing: Please keep our great state classy and our beaches clean. Serve beverages only in plastic containers and continue to keep New Jersey the great summertime family destination that it always has been.


Mays Landing

Red Klotz story

brings back memories

Regarding the Jan. 15 story, "An unusual life in sports/Ocean City man writes biography of Margate's Red Klotz, basketball legend and foil of the Harlem Globetrotters":

This article brought back a great memory. Sometimes when the office is stressful, I will sneak out to the Jewish Community Center and skip lunch. I love to shoot jumpers in an empty gym. It is a good workout and something I've done since I was 10.

One day I had the gym to myself, and then Red walked in and started shooting down the other end. Soon he approached me and asked if I wanted to play Around the World.

You have to make eight shots from the three-point line from different spots around the arch. If you miss two, you have to start over. We battled back and forth, and eventually I won, finally making the eight in a row. I felt a little guilty about feeling good about winning against someone twice my age.

Then Red said we should play again, but this time we had to make two from each spot, for 16 in a row.

Red went first with his two-handed set shot and made 16 three-pointers in a row. I never got to touch the ball. He gave me a sly smile. He had set me up. I laughed and thought he must be the only 80-year-old in the world who could have done that.



Mishandled Sandy aid

is an embarrassment

Regarding the Feb. 12 story, "Sandy meeting draws out public frustration/Successful aid appeals won't go to end of line":

I too am disgusted, embarrassed, and past frustrated by our state. These politicians, starting with Gov. Chris Christie, should be ashamed and should be out of office.

For our government to allow innocent folks who pay their taxes and their flood insurance to be treated like this is beyond my understanding.

I consider myself very lucky. I almost bought a home 12 years ago in the area that was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. Now it is 2014, and people are still homeless and uprooted. I guess I was lucky, but my fellow man was not. I hurt for the people still waiting for help.

Why do we allow politicians and bureaucrats to treat people like this?


Atlantic City

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