Post-Sandy 'help'

isn't helping much

I guess I am confused about all the "help" we have been getting from the federal government and Trenton after Hurricane Sandy. I have heard the term "bitter pill" thrown around in regard to the kind of assistance we are getting. But these bitter pills turn out to be more like lethal doses.

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Adherence to the new flood elevation standards offered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency has been made mandatory by the governor. In short, we have been told to hurry up but wait. We can't fix our homes because the implications of the numbers developed by FEMA haven't been worked out. If we don't fix our homes, our flood-insurance rates will rise from maybe $2,000 a year to more than $30,000 a year. Don't do anything yet, because we're not sure - but hurry.

Holy smoke. Are these people kidding? Nothing like being kicked when you are down. First the storm, then Gov. Chris Christie's gracious reception of our president, followed by the malfeasant Republican payback in the House of Representives in delaying funds for rebuilding, followed then by the governor's "hard choices" speech, which was tantamount to an eviction notice for many.

Oh yes, and lest I forget, the recommendation to ban beach fees that would heap further millions of debt on shore communities.

Please stop helping.


Ocean City

Republicans hold

country hostage

A handful of people - the Republican members of Congress - are holding the rest of this country hostage with their stupidity. How about a march on Washington, and we tar and feather the whole bunch?

Are we going to go through this debt-ceiling fiasco every few months for the next four years? Separate the GOP (the Guns Over People party) from the tea party, try bipartisanship, and get this country working again.

Members of Congress need to stop worrying about their next election. They were sent to Washington to represent all the people, not just their donors and their country-club friends.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., definitely is a sore loser. He finished fifth from the bottom at the Naval Academy, and he says Susan Rice wasn't very bright.

Then he and all the other hawks who want war grilled Chuck Hagel unmercifully. And have Fox (faux) News and all the buffoons on that channel apologized to Hillary Clinton after they jumped the gun and called her recent illness the Benghazi flu?



Grant citizenship

to illegal immigrants

We as a nation should reflect back on our history to answer the question of what to do with illegal immigrants and their future citizenship status.

After the Revolution, those people who fought with the British against the creation of this country and then stayed in the country after it was founded were granted citizenship. After the Civil War, those who renounced this country and fought to destroy it were not only allowed citizenship again but were allowed to be elected to the government they sought to destroy.

The illegal immigrants who are here now are productive workers doing the kind of work that no American will do at any wage, let alone the meager wage given to the illegals. Granted, those who are paid under the table pay no income tax or Social Security tax. But they do pay taxes when they pay the rent for the homes they live in. They pay taxes when they purchase anything, and they pay taxes indirectly through the profits they make for their employers. So based on American history, I would say grant them legal status, if not outright citizenship.



Violent video games

aren't the problem

Regarding the Jan. 25 Associated Press story, "Arcade video shooting games pulled after massacres":

I was stunned to see that the American pastime of arcade gaming is now under unjust scrutiny, and that violent arcade games are being pulled nationwide in order to be sensitive in the wake of the deadly shootings in Newtown, Conn.

As someone who has enjoyed gaming as a kid, and now as an adult, I find this course of action inappropriate. It is absurd to scapegoat violent games for shooting tragedies. Censorship of video gaming, whether in our homes or in an arcade, is not the answer to the underlying problems our country faces.

Instead of blaming video games that involve shooting, we should blame guns - the things that actually kill people. Better gun control would seem to be a more pressing concern than a ban on games. Parenting is a problem also. Experts warn that poor parenting often leads youths to violent crime. The problem almost always starts at home.

Studies of violence in video games have been conducted since the birth of the games themselves. To this day, there is no direct correlation that links violent gaming to murder or mass public shootings. All that pulling shooting games from arcades does is direct the public's attention away from the real problem.



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