Letter writer wrong

about liberals in U.S.

The writer of the Feb. 2 letter, "The more liberals win, the more the U.S. loses," is sadly out of touch with history and, according to polls, the people. Leaders such as Theodore Roosevelt, Nelson Rockefeller and even Ronald Reagan would not be welcome in today's Republican Party.

Regarding the writer's specific points:

The moderator, not God, was booed at the Democratic National Convention, and no one has banned God or tells the writer when, where or how to worship.

Abortion is heart-wrenching and not entered into lightly, but only 20 percent of Americans believe it should always be illegal, and the Bill of Rights guarantees personal autonomy.

Gay marriage is an equality issue, as is the presence of gays and women in the military.

No one is attempting to disarm Americans, but saying so will earn billions for arms makers and the ammunition industry.

The billions deducted from undocumented workers' paychecks, an estimated $72.8 billion in 2009, the last year available, won't be accessible to them in benefits since it derives from false Social Security numbers. And a recent UCLA study reports that legalizing current undocumented workers, with future immigration based on the labor market, would add about $1.5 trillion to the gross domestic product over 10 years.

The dictionary defines liberal as being favorable to progress or reform, favoring freedom of action, especially in matters of personal belief or expression, free from prejudice or bigotry. That's a winner for all Americans.



Flood insurance

isn't coming through

My home on a beautiful lagoon in Mystic Islands, where I have lived for more than 20 years, needs to be torn down. Everything in my home was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. I was able to save four pairs of shoes and some clothes.

Although this was devastating, I was sure I could recover and rebuild, because I have my flood insurance and, hopefully, help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. However, I soon learned that the last thing your insurance company is going to do is help you.

I have paid premiums to my flood insurance company (Hartford Insurance) for more than 20 years, insuring my home for $150,000 and $5,600 for the contents of my home. After waiting for three months for an answer from my insurance company, I was offered $53,000 for my home and its contents. This amount is supposed to build me another home and buy furniture and appliances. I'm still waiting for an answer from FEMA and hoping it will be able to offer me something positive.

I have recently retired from 56 years as a registered nurse. Being 78 years old now, there are not too many years left to enjoy my retirement. All I want is to live in my home and see the water every day.

If I am ever able to return to my beautiful lagoon, I don't think I will invest in any flood insurance. I think I would do better to just put that money in a personal flood account. Think about it.


Little Egg Harbor Township

Kindness to dogs

shouldn't be legal issue

Regarding the Feb. 5 letter, "Help protect animals in freezing temperatures," from a member of the Animal Guardian Angels:

You can encourage kindness toward dogs. You can have hope for kindness toward dogs, but you cannot legislate it into the human heart. Enlisting people to prowl about their communities seeking frozen water bowls is a waste of time and resources, as is the involvement of legal authorities when one is found.

A better way to improve the lives of dogs would be establishing a network of volunteers to help pet owners who, because of illness or other problems, cannot provide proper care themselves.


Corbin City

Shore Mall's generosity

will be missed by all

The Atlantic County 4-H Model Railroad Club has recently ended its holiday train display at the Shore Mall. As past leader of this club, I would like to publicly thank Lorraine Craven, Dawn Cooper, Ed Canale and all the wonderful staff at Shore Mall for their wonderful cooperation and support.

Shore Mall has generously donated a store to us for the past eight years, but the mall as we know it will be gone shortly. Our club teaches our young members the value of community service. The Shore Mall truly exemplified this value to our club and to many community organizations over the years, and for that we are most grateful.


Egg Harbor Township