Gambling's promise

comes up short

When the citizens of Atlantic City voted for casino gambling, it was for the sole purpose of rebuilding the city and its dying image. Now people are asking themselves, "Was it a good bet?"

In the beginning, casino gambling created an abundance of jobs, more tourism for the city, big entertainment and big investments. Of course, this paints a beautiful picture, but not everything on the other side of the rainbow is bright.

Today, we are looking at two casinos that have been closed, massive layoffs, high unemployment, high taxes, high utility bills, high crime and increased prostitution, no housing solution, no parking solutions, no transportation solutions and a lack of efficient public safety for residents and tourists.

Time is running out and I feel more and more people each day are asking themselves, "Was it a good bet?"


Egg Harbor Township

What's the holdup

on fixing bridge?

Approximately three years ago, the bridge on Mays Landing-Somers Point Road, a main route to Ocean City, was damaged by a storm and traffic has been detoured. Enter the Army Corps of Engineers, which wants to raise the bridge to allow kayaks to pass under it. I have resided less than two miles from this bridge for 50 years and have never seen a kayak there. Many cedar stumps protruding from the water, but no kayaks.

I cannot leave or enter my driveway safely because of the Ocean City-bound traffic day and night.

Why does it take so long to fix a two-lane bridge? It took one year and 45 days to complete the Empire State building in New York City. But that was prior to the Army Corps, the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Environmental Protection.

How was this accomplished without their guidance? Common sense played a role, as did a strong work ethic, which is lacking today.


Egg Harbor Township

Obama's report card

shows failing grades

It's a good thing President Barack Obama doesn't have to take home a report card. Ouch.

The economy - Grade F. No jobs, health care costs up, long-term unemployment numbers rising, people exiting the job market, food stamps through the roof.

Foreign policy - Grade F. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is killing his people daily, Russian President Vladimir Putin is pushing Obama and gays around, Israel feels less safe than ever and Iran is smirking.

Health care - Grade F. If there were a worse grade, he'd get it. People were lied to about being able to keep their insurance, millions of policies have been canceled and the Affordable Care Act, which has been amended more times than Mickey Rooney has been married, will cause losses in the workforce.

Terrorism - Grade D minus. I'm not sure he understands what the word means, so I cut him some slack. Four Americans dead in Benghazi, Guantanamo Bay detainees set free, al-Qaida getting stronger by the day.

Physical fitness - Grade A plus. Hoops and golf game are rock solid.

This is not a report card we would have gladly handed over to our parents when we were in school. The president continues to smile, blame others and deny his prior statements. It's a good thing he has been anointed totally unaccountable.



Writer's tax increase

•ot due to Obamacare

Regarding the Feb. 9 letter, "Obamacare already driving up taxes":

This letter is an example of how proficient we have become in recent years at slanting statistics to highlight the negatives of our politically polarized country.

The writer states that his taxes increased by $385 more than his income increased, and he blamed the increase on Obamacare.

I am not a fan of the Affordable Care Act, but after 37 years of practicing as a certified public accountant, I can unequivocally state that while it is hated by most, the Internal Revenue Code is relatively logical. Without even having seen the writer's tax returns, I can offer many reasons for his tax differential, which probably had very little to do with Obamacare.

That being said, I offer the writer my services, free of charge, to analyze his two years of tax returns and make the results known to Press readers so that any hysterics can be averted and tax season can move forward without incident.

I await his reply.



Area Eagle Scouts

deserve congratulations

I am very impressed with the number of Boy Scouts who have achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in Atlantic County in the past year. I've enjoyed reading about them and the projects they have completed.

I am aware of at least six boys who have accomplished this. I'd also like to commend the scout leaders who have helped these boys with this major task. Keep up the good work. God bless the Boy Scouts.


Galloway Township

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