Teach women

abortion is wrong

I am a teenager who knows that sex is a sacred thing and should be done only when one is responsible enough and able to take care of a child. Every day I see people who are pregnant and are either too young or just not ready, and it destroys me inside.

And if one is willing to have sex, you should be willing to accept the consequences that may occur. A woman should not ever have to live with the guilt of knowing she aborted a baby. We are letting women think it is OK to become a murderer. Abortion should be stopped, no matter how hard it may be to be in that type of situation.

As people see other people having unprotected sex and then getting abortions, they begin to think it is OK. What people do not realize is that they are taking away a human life.

The way the law sees it, if a woman gets pregnant, it is her choice whether she wants to have an abortion or not. This is encouraging women and making them feel OK when what we really should be doing is not allowing it and making women realize it is murder. Although it is a very tough situation to be in, there are other options. Don't let women take innocent lives.


Cape May Court House

More gun restrictions

will just increase crime

I am concerned about the threat of further limits on the ownership of firearms. This is a direct violation of our Second Amendment. Lawful, responsible gun owners do not commit crimes. We deter them. We do not shoot children at school. We will not be vilified for exercising our constitutional rights to defend our own homes. We will not be blamed for heinous crimes we have had nothing to do with, committed by people we do not know.

We should train and arm plainclothes school personnel, volunteers already employed in the schools, who will know how to stop a murderer early on in a situation like Sandy Hook. We also should secure the doors into the schools and have alarm switches at the front office and at teachers' desks.

The places with the most restrictive gun laws, like Chicago and Washington, are the very places with the most homicides. The places that allow concealed carry of firearms have the least gun crime and violence. Our government has been ineffective at controlling illegal drugs and illegal immigration; are we to believe it will stop guns from getting into the hands of criminals? New gun restrictions will only disarm the good, responsible, law-abiding citizens, setting them up as prey for the criminal.

I wonder how history might have been different had the victims in Pol Pot's Cambodia or the Jews during the Holocaust been armed and able to defend themselves. Gun registration, then confiscation, then tyranny.

Finally, concerning "assault" rifles: They all fire one projectile per trigger pull. Shootings could be just as easily carried out with a pistol, a bolt-action hunting rifle or a shotgun. Politicians single out the semiautomatic rifles because they "look scary" to the uninformed and easily manipulated.

Are all American citizens to be expected to forfeit their precious rights as the result of the lack of judgment of a few people who allowed guns to get into the hands of the deranged?


Egg Harbor Township

Cornerstone deal

is good for Linwood

Regarding the Feb. 11 letter, "Cornerstone purchase is just corporate welfare," about Linwood's plan to purchase land from my company for $1.8 million:

The money for the land purchase, so the 15 acres behind the building bordering Patcong Creek and the buffers on each side are not developed, is coming from funds designated for just such a purpose - the state Green Acres program and a grant from a private trust dedicated to environmental purposes.

Environmental groups had approached the city to preserve the area bordering Patcong Creek, and this purchase provides Linwood with a wildlife and recreation area and a buffer between Cornerstone and our neighbors, as we promised.

Before Cornerstone's development, the old Prudential Insurance facility paid $150,000 in taxes to the city. In 2011, Cornerstone paid $759,000 in taxes. We have provided an enormous new ratable that has kept Linwood taxes down and provides a variety of goods and services that the community needs and wants, as well as hundreds of new jobs. Now we also can offer a wildlife preservation area.


Karman Development Group



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