Backs Thom for Congress

Regarding the Jan. 25 story, “Somers Point’s Brian Fitzherbert joins race for 2nd District Congress seat”:

First, how does someone who lives only part-time in New Jersey qualify to run for the 2nd District Congressional seat?

But what really stings is that probably the best Democratic candidate — Sean Thom, a progressive from Cumberland County — wasn’t listed among those running.

Richard Conklin


Trump and GOP borrow, spend, fuel culture war

My initial reaction to Robert Reich’s recent column is to suspect that social intolerance has replaced fiscal irresponsibility as the primary tenet of the Republican Party.

Growing up in the 1950s, the country-club Republicans of that era were both fiscally responsible and socially tolerant. The party of Lincoln and Eisenhower was first taken over by the Babe Ruth and Barry Bonds of deficit spending in Ronald Reagan (the largest military spending during peace time in American history) and George W. Bush (two wars and a prescription drug plan financed on a credit card).

Now, through a massive tax cut plan skewed overwhelmingly in favor of wealthy individuals and corporations, our children and grandchildren will be saddled with a trillion dollars in new public debt. President Donald Trump has simply taken the Republican policy of borrow and spend to a new level of intergenerational inequity.

The cultural war fueled by Trump and his Republican apologists in Congress is even more troublesome and dangerous to this beloved, principled nation. Instead of the words of Emma Lazarus on the Statue of Liberty, we have bombastic, nativist, xenophobic and outright racist rhetoric coming from of all places the Oval Office. These bigoted appeals to people’s worst instincts and lowest common denominator may satisfy his political base but they are un-American and inimical to the heart and soul of this great nation. Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

Jim Schroeder

Port Republic