The more liberals win,

the more the U.S. loses

The liberals have won so many things, it's hard to keep up with them.

They have banned God from just about every public gathering, and the word God was booed at the last Democratic convention.

They have won the "right" to murder their babies. I'll bet there wouldn't be any liberals left if those 50 million babies were alive to vote.

They are winning the battle for gay marriage in many states.

Members of our armed forces can now be openly gay. Can you imagine having someone like Barney Frank lead you into battle?

Women can now serve in combat as front-line soldiers. How many people would approve of this if we still had the draft?

They want to ban assault weapons and large-capacity magazines, and pretty soon they will want to completely disarm every honest American. Would that have helped the more than 500 people murdered in Chicago last year by hoodlums with illegal handguns?

Next on the agenda is allowing more than 11 million illegal aliens to become citizens. Our country is $16 trillion in debt now - what is this going to add to Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, welfare and Social Security?

The late Irv Homer, a radio talk show host, used to say, "Once the camel gets his nose under the tent, there's no stopping him." Well, it looks like he's tearing the tent down now. God help the United States.


Mays Landing

New rebuilding rules

let rich steal our homes

Regarding the Jan. 25 story, "Christie orders unified height for rebuilding":

The new Federal Emergency Management Agency flood maps and building-elevation requirements will eliminate all equity on some properties and force the working poor to spend money they don't have or force them to walk away from their American dream that they spent their entire lives working for. This will allow the rich to step in and steal properties out from under the people. Is this not another form of wealth redistribution to the rich with the working class the victims once again?

Please remember we are victims of Sandy and not the villains. Most people are only looking to restore their Sandy-damaged houses back to their state prior to the storm, not to a new code or regulation that hasn't even been formally adopted yet. We don't want taxpayer handouts - just what we paid flood insurance for.

Here are the choices our federal, state and local governments have given us: We can't sell our property because FEMA won't issue flood insurance at an affordable and fair rate. We can raise our house (if possible) for $30,000 to $70,000 or demolish it. Or we can pay more than our annual salary in flood-insurance premiums. The state needs to grandfather existing properties that weren't destroyed but only need basic restoration, or offer a fair and just buyout to people.

Our government is leaving people with one option - bankruptcy, forcing working homeowners and seniors out of their American dream to end up on the streets. If you pay your bills, follow all laws, buy a house and save a little money, a strike of a government pen can make you broke and homeless. This is the American reality. Please, contact your legislators to stop this now.



Little Egg Harbor Township

Van Drew is right

on horseshoe crabs

It was refreshing to see state Sen. Jeff Van Drew, D-Cape May, Cumberland, Atlantic, sponsor a proactive bill to return the management of horseshoe crabs to the science-based Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission and the New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council. The current New Jersey horseshoe-crab ban is a prime example of one group circumventing established, science-based management via the political system for a self-serving agenda.

The 15-state ASMFC was formed in 1942, with the realization that migratory fish and wildlife cannot be successfully managed without all of the Atlantic coastal states being on the same page. Its 2013 Delaware Bay horseshoe-crab harvest quota of male crabs was set with the horseshoe crab and shorebird relationship being well understood. If all the available science indicated that a horseshoe-crab harvest moratorium was necessary, the ASMFC would have implemented one, and the financial burden would have been shared by all of the Atlantic coastal states. As it stands, only New Jersey commercial and recreational fishing industries are being financially burdened as a result of the ban.


President/Cape May County Chapter

N.J. Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs

Cape May Court House

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