Atlantic County Dems

more diverse than GOP

Regarding the Feb. 12 story about Democratic Mayors Vince Mazzeo and Nick Russo and their intent to run for the state Assembly:

Democracy is well served when highly qualified local government officials such as Mazzeo and Russo offer to stand before the voters and contend for higher office. Unfortunately, the article contained some divisive and partisan rhetoric from Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis, who attempted to undercut the credibility of Democrats on the issue of diversity.

Davis's accusations about the Democrats' lack of diversity is laughable. The Democrats' legislative tickets included an African American in 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2011. The Democratic ticket also included a female candidate in 2007 and 2011 and a Hispanic candidate in 2009. The Republicans have never run a minority candidate for the Legislature in Atlantic County, and the only female candidate they've ever run was Dolores Cooper a quarter century ago. Last year their four candidates in Atlantic County were three guys named Frank and a guy named Jim. The only diversity offered by the Atlantic County Republicans is when one of their guys has a mustache.



Atlantic County

Democratic Committee

Port Republic

I've never had flu shot,

and I'm not getting one

Regarding the Feb. 8 editorial, "Flu shots, health care workers/Require vaccination":

I am in my 50s and never had the flu or the flu shot - and my employer already has his nose too far into my business for my comfort. My husband, who has had the flu shot, spends at least a week or two sick each winter. The polio vaccination is 100 percent effective, and I have had a booster for that. But I do not and will not get a flu shot. I have been at my job for more than 20 years, and I have never infected anyone with the flu.

Second, regarding the Feb. 8 Charles Lane column, "Should we execute killer cats or just rub their bellies?": Everyone is talking about how many birds cats kill, but no one is talking about the millions of birds that die each year in collisions with tall buildings. Should we outlaw and dismantle all tall buildings? Even the peregrine falcon I watch each year on the Department of Environmental Protection website has lost chicks to building collisions in Jersey City.


Galloway Township

Fertilizer law good

for N.J.'s waterways

Regarding New Jersey's new strict fertilizer regulations:

As an environmentally conscious local resident, I was happy to learn that the state government is taking active measures to protect Barnegat Bay and other waters of the state.

I live on the bay in Ventnor and see firsthand how pollutants have changed it since I was a boy. I used to swim in it with my family and friends, but now you would not catch me ever swimming in it, because it is filled with used needles, trash bags, milk jugs, oil, gasoline and cans and bottles of all sorts.

But lawn fertilizers are an even worse threat to our bays and rivers than the other types of pollutants and cause more dangerous consequences. It is great to know that the new law is considered the strictest in the nation and that it is being implemented well with a fairly high level of compliance.

However, as a report in National Geographic says, fertilizer pollution is harder to regulate and reduce than many other kinds of water pollution because it is a type of nonpoint source pollution. Fertilizers are used on private lawns, in agricultural fields and on golf courses. The source of pollution from these chemicals is much harder to track because it doesn't have one definable location. Besides, even if fertilizers are not used near a body of water, rainfall eventually washes them into streams and rivers.

Local residents should become more fully aware of the harmful effects lawn nutrients can have on our coastal waters. They should know that the Barnegat Bay's water quality has degraded severely because of the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus in fertilizers entering waterways.

After all, protecting our water sources is protecting our own lives.



New Jersey needs

Seth Grossman

Kudos to Seth Grossman for throwing his hat in the ring to run against the virtually unopposed Gov. Chris Christie. Grossman does the people of New Jersey a service by forcing the incumbent governor to confront issues, such as New Jersey's burgeoning and unsustainable debt, that would otherwise be glossed over and unreported by the media.

Grossman is an eloquent person of high moral character and great expertise. His experience as a gadfly will also serve the people of New Jersey as well.


Egg Harbor Township

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