Prosecutor must respect presumed innocence

I have always appreciated fair, complete and unbiased reporting, but have been especially appreciative during the spate of recent arrests of individuals alleged to have committed serious crimes. I emphasize the word “alleged” because there have been no convictions.

I am disappointed in the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office for declaring their theories as fact, when the defendants are alleged to have committed these crimes.

Prosecutor Damon Tyner should know that our democracy and criminal justice system is founded upon the presumption of innocence.

Laura Bonaker


NJ needs concealed carry

Regarding the Jan. 25 letter, “Legal guns reduce crime”:

The writer is right on target. States with concealed carry have low crime rates. I think the Second Amendment means people can carry arms. There are only a few states left in the union that are breaking this law and not letting upstanding citizens carry.

We have to face the fact that bad people will be able to get whatever weapons that they want, so why doesn’t New Jersey move into the 21st century and keep the state safe?

Every police officer and state trooper I have talked to is 100 percent for concealed carry.

Bob Donnell

Cape May

Immigrants, too, must all follow the law

Regarding the Jan. 25 story, “Atlantic City coalition seeks to make city ‘fair and welcoming’ for immigrants”:

Why do we put immigrants before citizens?

If you have a broken tail light, you get pulled over and given a ticket, and you’d better have a valid license, insurance and registration.

If we follow the law, we all should follow the law, no exemptions allowed.

Trickster Atlantic City politicians were not holding press conferences for those being beaten and abused in the city, just jumping on the bandwagon.

Myche Jonze

Atlantic City

Parkway exit punishes those without E-ZPass

I take Garden State Parkway Exit 30 five days a week and it’s really a shame that they never have anyone at that window to take money. The E-ZPass is open but the exact change is always broken and the only way you know it’s broken is once you throw your $1.50 and nothing happens. Then you get a violation in the mail.

The parkway needs to fix this problem and stop robbing the citizens that pass through that toll on a daily basis. Even all last summer it was open maybe 10 times out of the whole summer. It’s really ridiculous.

Someone needs to be doing their job to make sure all tolls are working properly and not sending violations in the mail for tolls that should be working, or assign a person there!

Monifa Rolls

Egg Harbor Township