Shooters, not police,

•eed sensitivity training

What kind of a world do we live in when an Atlantic City police officer shoots a young thug with an illegal gun on him (who is in the company of another young thug with an illegal gun) in a crime-ridden area awash in shooting violence, and a bunch of fools then come forward and insist that the cops need "sensitivity training"? And why are some Atlantic City officials apologizing for one of their own police officers trying to protect himself against an illegally armed thug?

The residents of both Atlantic City and Pleasantville call for an end to the violence every time a new shooting takes place. How do they expect this to happen, if every time a police officer confronts one of the shooters or fires his own gun in order to protect himself, he is blamed for not being "sensitive" enough?

Where's the "sensitivity training" for all the young punks who have been shooting up Atlantic City and Pleasantville for the past few years? Where's the "sensitivity training" for the families of these young punks who allow them to have illegal guns and drugs and roam the streets at night?

Where's the "sensitivity training" for professional troublemakers like Marte King, who spent almost 10 years in prison for armed robbery and now goes around stoking racially based disputes every time a similar young thug with an illegal gun is shot in self-defense by a police officer?

For that matter, where is the "sensitivity training" for idiots like Quentin Tarantino, who constantly releases violent bloodfests that are euphemistically called "entertainment" and that happen to be the favorite movies of the same young punks who are shooting up our streets?

What kind of a society do we expect we're going to get when we constantly permit this kind of irresponsible behavior?


Somers Point

Raising taxes on rich

would mean fewer jobs

Several recent letters expressed a desire to raise taxes on the "rich" to solve the nation's financial woes. It is so easy to buy into this so-called solution until you stop and think that making some rich person who is already bearing the lion's share of the tax burden have a larger chunk of his income confiscated from him doesn't help you one single bit.

This transfer of wealth from the private sector to government can actually hurt you. Think one less luxury recreational vehicle built, one less yacht, one less shopping mall, one less store - all of which translate into less employment.

This is just a giant scheme to make the almighty federal government ever more powerful and intrusive.



Billboard out of place

on Margate causeway

So exactly what was the Egg Harbor Township Planning Board thinking when it approved the gigantic electronic billboard on the Margate causeway? This type of billboard would be more suited for the Garden State Parkway or the Atlantic City Expressway.

American greed also comes to mind - the owner of this property wanted to try and make an extra few bucks to be put back into his pocket.

I'm all for advertising, but the location just doesn't seem appropriate. The billboard would sell itself to a bigger crowd if placed on a superhighway rather than on a less-traveled two-lane road leading into Margate. I really would like to see this billboard placed in a better location, just as when the fence was removed this past year from the Garden State Parkway bridge leading into Cape May County and set up in another, more suitable location.


Somers Point

New gun-control laws

won't stop criminals

Regarding the Dec. 29 article, "Area's federal lawmakers split on gun control":

New Jersey already has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Illinois has tough gun laws too, and look how many killings Chicago had this year. It shows criminals will still get firearms.

New Jersey does not have gun shows, and we already have a background-check system in place and a 15-round limit for magazines. Do Sen. Frank Lautenberg or his spokesman realize that even if a new law limiting magazines to 10 rounds passes, there are millions of magazines out there that civilians have? They are untraceable. Again, any gun law hurts the normal law-abiding citizen and does not stop the criminals who are committing these crimes.


Atlantic City

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