Stop the double talk

and tell us the truth

I listened, watched and read about the fiscal cliff and now the looming debt-limit crisis, and to be very honest, I'm sick of all the spin, lies, misstatements, double talk and all the rest of the hot air coming out of Washington. I honestly feel that politicians don't think the American public can handle the truth, so they say what they think we want to hear.

Tell the American people what is going on and how it will affect us. Don't play class warfare, try to scare us to your slanted point of view or lead us to believe that if we don't vote or support your side, then the sky will fall.

To every single politician I say: Tell me the truth, because I can handle the truth. With the truth, I will decide how to support, provide for and protect my family. I don't need some insignificant politician telling me what's good for me because they have no idea what the middle-class American needs to just get through the day.

And stop these last-minute deals that cause havoc with the American people. You have plenty of time to resolve these issues rather than demagoguing everything. If you worked for me in the private sector, I already would have fired you for incompetence.

Remember, we can handle the truth. What we can't handle is the baloney.


Little Egg Harbor Township

Press editorial off base

on prayer, government

Regarding the Jan. 13 editorial, "Government and prayer/Why go there?":

The issue against prayer (especially Judeo/Christian prayer) in public places is an obsession with some groups in this country, and The Press has now joined this obsession.

Your editorial says that opening Township Council meetings with a prayer means atheists aren't represented. What if the Township Council were made up of seven atheists, and they didn't pray? What would your editorial say then? That the council doesn't represent those who believe in God? It can get absurd, can't it?

Does The Press or anyone seriously believe that nondenominational prayer at council meetings is a means of establishing or threatening a religion? If the Galloway Township Council wants to start its meetings with a prayer, let it. God knows they and all public officials could use it.


Egg Harbor City

Sandy victims need

government's help

Hurricane Sandy damaged more than anybody could have imagined. Small businesses, homes, hotels, all different kinds of buildings got destroyed. So what should we do? Help.

I know for a fact that the small community I live in did its best to help the families dealing with Hurricane Sandy.

My sister, my mom, my dad and I got all our old clothes and things packed up, and we packed boxes and boxes of canned goods to bring, too. When we got to the firehouse where they were collecting, it was like a mad house. I can't believe how many people joined in. It was amazing.

We did our part, now we are asking the government to do its part. We still need more money to help fix this mess.

So please help these poor people in their time of need.


Cape May Court House

Toll-free buses

won't save A.C.

Regarding the Jan. 12 story, "Vote set on plan to waive bus tolls," about Sen. Jim Whelan's bill to exempt tour buses to Atlantic City from tolls on the Atlantic City Expressway, Garden State Parkway and New Jersey Turnpike:

Sen. Whelan, my uncle is a weekly visitor to an Atlantic City casino and would like to join this program. When and where can he pick up the free transponder for his car?

Most individuals, including me, want to help the casino industry survive these hard times, but let's not fool ourselves into thinking that the bus market will change because of the minimal savings this bill would create. The state and its highway authorities can't afford this deal.


Port Republic

Obama better not

circumvent Congress

The writer of the Jan. 11 letter, "Obama can raise debt ceiling himself," is blindly following right in step with the Senate and our arrogant president, thinking that they can circumvent the Constitution.

If President Barack Obama chooses to exercise dictatorship power over Congress, then rest assured that there will be another case before the U. S. Supreme Court.




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