Prosecute cat abusers

Regarding the Dec. 9 story, “Cat survives being ‘thrown away’ down 10-story A.C. apartment trash chute”:

I was sickened when I watched the video of the two people who dumped a live cat down a trash chute from the 10th floor of an Atlantic City apartment house.

Luckily the dumpster jammed and the cat was alive. The cat is now in foster care.

I only hope the man and woman who did this are federally prosecuted. Child abusers and animal abusers are not at the top of the food chain in penitentiaries and for good reason.

Jewel C. Cooper

Egg Harbor Township

Menendez should resign

Sen. Robert Menendez says he wants the charges against him dismissed or “bring it on.” He should be careful of what he wishes for.

His defense was that he received gifts, not bribes, from a friend. The coverage of his previous trial didn’t make clear how long this friendship existed. Informing the jury on the length of their friendship would have allowed it to draw a conclusion whether these very expensive gifts and trips were bribes or gifts.

Instead of wasting the taxpayers’ time and money, Menendez should just resign, because he was elected to represent the citizens of New Jersey, not his rich out-of-state friends.

I find it amazing that the Democrats rail against the rich for not paying their fair share until it benefits them. Let’s not forget that this friend already has been convicted in a related case. Birds of a feather flock together.

Jim Mandis