Gun-control laws

wouldn't stop Newtown

Regarding the Jan. 17 letter, "We must act boldly to control gun abuse ":

I am sure the writer knows that the murders in Newtown, Conn., were committed by juvenile nut Adam Lanza. Because he was not old enough to purchase or register a firearm, the system did not know he even existed. His mother had legally bought and registered the guns and - incredibly - gave him access to them. Unless the forms she filled out to buy the guns asked if she had a wacko living in her house, I doubt if anyone in authority knew he had access to these weapons. What legislation would have changed these circumstances?

Although I am in support of the Second Amendment, I agree that assault-type weapons are not critical to its intent. However, do you know how quickly a new magazine can be inserted into a 9mm handgun and how easy it would be for an assailant to carry six or more of these magazines without anyone noticing?

I may be wrong (apologies if am), but I would guess the writer is a liberal who hates the Second Amendment and, as usual, shoots from the hip (forgive the pun) on these issues in order to express his left-wing beliefs without consideration of the rights of all Americans.


Mays Landing

Reduce illegal guns

and you reduce fear

I am not a member of the National Rifle Association and have never owned a gun, but I have fired both guns and rifles on ranges. I ask myself, putting aside the pure Second Amendment rights issue, why are people who are in favor of the right to bear arms so strident in their beliefs?

A theory I have is this: It never seems that criminals have a problem obtaining a firearm. Yet honest, law-abiding people are subject to significant controls. People are fearful and perceive that the bad guys are one step ahead of them. People want to be on an even playing field with these bad guys. Whether I agree or disagree with that is not important. I can understand that thinking.

People are legitimately fearful. Where this leads me to is the idea that we should do everything we can to cut down the movement of unlawful firearms into the hands of criminals and provide the harshest penalties for those who engage in the process. Maybe that will cut down the number of unlawful firearms in circulation.


Egg Harbor Township


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