Sweeney comment

insensitive on Sandy

Regarding the Jan. 8 story, "Sweeney says storm saved Christie's failing first term":

I am disgusted by the attention-seeking comments that state Senate President Stephen Sweeney, D-Salem, Gloucester, made. Really, saying Gov. Chris Christie's "jobs package is a hurricane"?

Too soon, senator. And how insensitive and hurtful to those who pay your salary. My mother lost her only home in Lavallette, and she and other victims of the storm are suffering pain you can't imagine. I guess Sweeney didn't lose a thing in the storm.

I have never been a fan of Christie, but no one deserves to have it said that they "prayed" for Sandy. Is that what we are going to accept from our political leaders? No wonder we are the Divided States of America these days.

It's a new year. If you are a political leader reading this, I challenge you to drop your own agenda and fight for unity, be flexible and remember you represent people, not a party.



Wrong-way parking

still a problem in P'ville

I was pleased to read a couple of months ago that Pleasantville was cracking down on unlawful parking practices.

However, everyone did not get the message. Parking on the wrong side of the street, facing in the wrong direction, continues. That amounts to driving on the wrong side of the street. Fine these people. Use the money to fund city programs. Don't let Pleasantville continue to look like a Third World city.


Atlantic City

More guns no answer

to growing gun violence

Leonard Pitts Jr. has done it again with his Dec. 8 column, "Everyone now has the freedom to live in fear," on the "need" for guns everywhere.

How the National Rifle Association can twist the growing gun violence into having more citizens own guns would be laughable if it weren't so sad.

Times have changed since our forefathers wrote the Second Amendment, and we need to rethink our gun laws. There is no need for anyone to own an assault rifle. These weapons should be reserved for the military.

The shootings in Newtown, Conn., should remain uppermost in our minds and hearts. Please join the growing number of voices against the NRA's sick answer to this problem. Enough is enough.


Wildwood Crest

Courts are too easy

on police officers

According to a Jan. 8 story, a Vineland police officer admitted to stealing $40,000 in police union funds. His sentence is to repay the funds, lose his job and get probation for one to five years.

It reminds me of Robert Vanaman, a Millville police officer who killed his wife, lied about it and messed with the evidence. He was sentenced to one year for evidence tampering and six years for manslaughter.

I have great respect for police officers, but they should be subject to punishments of at least what any other person would get for similar crimes, if not more because of the trust we have put in them.



Worry about jobs

- not the deficit

We don't seem to be hearing as much about jobs lately. Now that we have put the so-called fiscal-cliff issue aside, why is the deficit more important than jobs?

George W. Bush's administration incurred the increased debt by engaging in two wars and a Medicare drug program without proper funding. Now the bills are due, and we need to pay up.

Ask the average American if he knows of any family member unemployed for a year, and you will get a big yes. So let's make job creation a real priority and give the people pride and dignity.


Atlantic City

Hopefully, some good

will come from Newtown

Eventually, we will come to some conclusions and solutions that will do the most good for the most people regarding the Newtown, Conn., shootings.

Two things seem to be flashing red lights - the mental condition of the shooter and the assault weapon he carried. Parents, teachers, guardians - anyone in contact with children - need to be aware when someone isn't functioning normally. Clearly, the shooter wasn't. Most probably, armed guards at schools also will be necessary, as some schools are already choosing.

Hopefully, the new precautions will work.


Egg Harbor Township


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