Fudged numbers

fool the uninformed

I'm tired of hearing the Democrats say they want to keep from increasing taxes on 98 percent of the people. It's a lie. How can you keep from raising taxes on people who do not and will not pay any taxes even if we do go over the fiscal cliff?

Saying House Republicans voted to raise taxes on 98 percent of Americans is also a lie, because raising taxes on the top 2 percent doesn't mean that everybody else benefits. Many lower-income workers will not be affected one way or another.

This is how Democrats play with numbers to dupe the uninformed, just as they made voters believe Gov. Mitt Romney paid less in taxes than the middle class.

Analyze this quote: "President Obama called on Congress to extend the middle-class tax cuts for the 98 percent of Americans making less than $250,000 for another year." I guess that it means that somehow we have eliminated the poor and the lower class, because 98 percent of American are suddenly middle class. That's wonderful.


Cape May

Palestinian victims

are being demonized

When I was a boy I went to Saturday movie matinees and rooted on the cavalry against the blood-thirsty Indians. I believed the Indians were killers and got what they deserved. It was the Indian land that was being taken, but our culture considered the Indians the culprits.

Today it is in the interest of those who wish to acquire Palestinian land to consider Palestinians the culprits. Today we believe the Israelis are threatened with extermination, even though it is the Palestinians who are being walled up and treated egregiously.

Just as with the Indians and the cavalry, it is a one-sided battle. But some still think the Palestinians are to blame.


Cape May

Put ideology aside

to solve fiscal cliff

Watching the fiscal cliff negotiations is interesting. You would think that the Republicans were the ones who won most of the races on election night, because they are the ones making all the demands.

The election should teach them a lesson that Americans want the parties to work together. President Barack Obama won't get everything he wants, but neither should the House Republicans.

It is time to put the American people above party or ideology.


Ocean Township

Our teachers deserve

more respect, support

After the Sandy Hook Elementary School murders of 20 children and six teachers there were many expressions of grief. One was "Hug a teacher today." Indeed, if you can read this, a teacher started you on the right track. The National Rifle Association suggests armed guards be placed in every school. What is wrong with our society?

In Wisconsin, teachers have lost some of their bargaining rights. They will have to take what is offered or leave the profession. Wisconsin will control the size of budgets to reflect the tea party's desires.

Do Wisconsin politicians care if children learn? Not really. If the kids don't do well on standardized tests, it's undoubtedly the teacher's fault.

I wonder if any one of these idiots would have the courage to stand in front of a group of children and face an insane person with an assault weapon. The courage those Sandy Hook teachers displayed was unbelievable. They deserve to be honored, remembered and held up as examples for all of us.

Our governor doesn't hide his feelings regarding teachers. He knows better than the New Jersey Education Association. We lost a federal grant worth $800 million because he knows better. He has watched Wisconsin closely. He'd like to weaken unions here.

During the last election, he lied in writing to every teacher in this state by telling them he would not alter their pensions in any way. As a result, many teachers voted for him. Property taxes didn't go down and will go up - even before superstorm Sandy is factored in. The governor still hasn't made a full payment into the public employee pension fund. The last partial payment is far less than what is required to made the fund solvent.


Cape May

New regulation list

quietly released

On Dec. 21, The Obama administration released its list of proposed government-wide regulations that it plans to consider in the next year.

The administration put this notice, called the unified regulatory agenda, online around 3 p.m. on the Friday before Christmas, after most lawmakers had left town. The proposed rules cover everything from power plant pollution to health care standards to workplace safety.

Remember President Barack Obama's promise of a transparent administration, which was going to utilize C-span?

This is the president who promised a review of all regulations, and who is riding the greatest rule-making wave in American history.

The mainstream press never mentioned this. Perhaps the journalists were flying to Hawaii with the president. Perhaps they were too busy ridiculing National Rifle Association Vice President Wayne LaPierre and announcing free condoms at Philadelphia high schools.


Cape May

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